2007 New Years Resolution - 1 wheel wise

Here’s the thread for last years resolutions, how did everyone do?
Mine were as follows:

ride a LOT more often.
I guess I did this, while it was warm out I rode my coker to school almost every day, but during the summer I was away most of the time so I didn’t really ride then.
I’d like to pimp my Coker too.
Yep! I got an airfoil rim with extra wide UDC hub, a gel saddle, a GB4 handle (unless I got that before 2006…I don’t remember) and new crank arms. Still need to get a break.
possibly get a MUni.
go to Moab!!! I hope…
also, do some serious long distance riding. I want to successfully be able to do a century on my coker by the end of 2006.
I did do long distance riding more often, but I certainly can’t do a century yet.

For this next year I would really like to either get a MUni, or do some MUni on my coker…I just really want to MUni, a lot. That’s my main goal for 2007.
And lots of distance rides on my coker.


I don’t have any from last year to dig up, so this is my list for 2007.


  • Finish customizing my trials uni.
  • Finish a 100 mile ride.
  • Help friends improve more.
  • Improve my own riding.
  • Make more videos. [/LIST]

    That’s about it unicycle wise, for this year.

  • well since i only started this christmas ive not got any this year my resolutions are,

    1. get a good trials unicycle, instead of my dodger
      2.jump onto something 2ft riding sif
    2. improve my trials riding

    Mr. Potter, it’s New Years morning, there’s nothing going on, take a break. Oh wait a minute, did you mean you need something to slow your Uni down with? I’m so confused.

    EDIT: 500th POST!

    OH MAN, did I really just spell brake, break? This is terrible. I’m going to blame it being 1 AM when I wrote it, and that sip of my dad’s champagne I had…my other new years resolution will be not to make a ridiculous spelling error ever again!

    You’ve been around for 3-4 years and only just got your 500th post?

    I’m a good listener. BTW, it’s 5am here. I gotta go to bed soon.

    Oh it’s only 2am here, still a little early for bed.
    Well, not really.

    At 2am, I was still going to be at work for another hour. Are we in some kind of time/space continuum? I’m so confused. Damn home brew.

    1- I will ride more often
    2- I will find more time to ride more often (harder than the first resolution :P)
    3- I’ll get a 29" uni
    4- I’ll learn to crankflip

    Here’s mine (hopefully i can complete them)

    • Make a 36" ultimate wheel
    • Ride more than 10km weekly
    • Try to buy my friends giraffe unicycle which he changed the tyre to a 24"
    • Challenge and outwit my friends on tricks
    • Get custom rims for my unis
    1. Get sidehops to tyre up to 90cm.
    2. Learn to crankflip
    3. Learn to ride backwards :o
    4. Learn to ride backwards SIF :o
    5. Master some new tricks I have almost invented.

    They’re preety good 4 a new years resolution my friend. Especially the last one :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

    Actually get out and get on the bl**dy uni. :o

    Do a school assembly on the uni.

    I couldn’t find mine from last year and its very likely I didn’t write them, but since I wish I had I guess I will make up some now for this year.

    Get a Miyata.
    Get a Muni (should be getting it this week).
    Be able to hop on rails or other skinny things perpendicularly.
    Do a 160 Km ride to my cottage (lots of hills and muni terrain).
    GLIDE, I can coast now but I still can’t freaking glide!
    One foot coast.
    Stand up ww.
    One foot ww better.
    Pimp my coker (custom paint job, airfoil rim, tubeless conversion, ss spokes).
    Go to an international unicycle event (even Naucc is fine).

    Those should all be attainable, the only hard thing will be the Miyata since it will cost about 800 with shipping and border fees and the like.

    Now that sounds like something that might make a good video for the next BUC video competition. :slight_smile:

    As for me - increase what I consider to be a long distance uni ride and get a bit better at other stuff like hockey.

    • SIF sidehop 100cm
    • Tripleflip both forward and back
    • Learn to competently ride backwards
    • Manage to get decent tricks on the transistion to seat push or drag
    • Crankflip an 8 set
    • Doublebackflip (or more) a 6 set (I have all year)
    • Doubleflip a 5 set
    • Jump onto, and hop all the way across bike rails
    • Fourbackflip/Quadbackflip
    I am sure I could think of more, but I don't want to put too many.


    Practice trials at least 4 times a week
    Preform in some sort of school talent show
    Add 6 inches to my hopping (I hop to add more)

    1. make at least one video of my unicycling (I hate editing)
    2. Upgrade the frame on my dx muni
    3. Improve my crank grab to rubber technicque
    4. take my unicycle to school (buttloads of sick trials lines)
    5. learn pedal grabs
    6. Learn to coast
    7. rolling hop up a 3 set and improve my rolling hop.

    I don’t see how you could add more inches without hopping! :wink:

    Haha, My newest resolution is to make less typos on unicyclist.com!