New Video: Uni Geezer: "MUni & Trial, Coker Style!"

It’s been a while since my last vid, so I wanted to try something a bit different.

At the end I’m getting my first EVER -------- Well, just watch and see haha!:stuck_out_tongue:

That was cool. It looks like you’ve got some pretty good controll with those long cranks… and the ----- was sweet too. I love the kokopelli.

Nice riding, I liked it. Sorry about the tattoo.

Another unicycle tattoo! Next time you can get a uni-geezer. :slight_smile:

Careful with those kick-up mounts and other side-stressing stuff, the Coker is more susceptible to tacoing from those types of forces, especially if it doesn’t have the wide axle. Just a function of being a larger wheel.

Cool, and before you got it you said you weren’t going to take it off road!

that was some sweet coker riding, and sweet tattoo as well haha.

Nice. I didn’t know you can do that on a coker. BTW, do you hop seat in or SIF?

thats awesome. that vid makes me wish my inseem was long enough to even ride one.

“Coker Muni, Man! - Awesome!”


Nice riding, don’t destroy it before I get to coker with you! Just a hunch, but I bet the ink isn’t real(read:permenant)!!

Oh no, its real. He told me a week or two ago that he was going for one.

Well since it’s a DW alum rim plus that UDC super-wide hub, I figured it could take more stress than that steel rim/narrower hub combo. Seems to hold up fine to the kick ups, as well as the smallish MUni drops! I’m hooked on Coker MUni!:stuck_out_tongue:

I think it’s gonna hold up fine; hey, howya doin’? Is it almost that time to get back on the horse? I still think you should buy that one Radial deluxe I told you about. It’s the exact same as the nimbus deluxe except for the frame, which you can get separately, and the total cost is less than if you buy the Nimbus deluxe alone!

Yeah, the tat’s real! :smiley:

Haha, “I was blind but now I see!” I actually thought that the TA tire would not work well for off road, but after reducing the PSI to about 18 lbs, lowering the seat and increasing the crank size to 152mm, it performs amazingly well! PLeanty of traction. I’m hooked! Only thing is that climbing is a whole new challenge haha!

Seat in so far, but I’m trying SIF today for some higher hops and further gaps. I did get a feel for SIF by doing the suicide mount and seat bounce and it seems pretty stable SIF. I want to try a COKER-Spin (180) and leg wrap!

Well, good luck on the cokerspin:D Videotape it when you can do it. It would look nice

You’re better on that 36er than I am on my 20", haha. Cool video as always.

How do you do it? Write some diet, exercise, lifestyle, uni’ing, videoing books, your doing it all right. What do you eat for breakfast? I need more clues! :slight_smile:

Great video, and riding Terry. Your always out doing the previous by a long shot.

Thanks for the video!

haha awsome coker trials, have you tried ridding it up some stairs?

Try oats, tast horrible but are great

where is the close up picture of the tat?
could see that it was a unicycle but not much other than that

I dont think you did a suicide mount on the coker… You have to let go of the seat and jump on and land seat under. You did more of a jump mount. not that that isnt hard on a coker but a suicide mount is way harder.

That was cool Terry. Old man with an attitude! Seeing that was another strong influence for me to get a Coker and ride with you guys.