New Video: Uni Geezer: "MUni & Trial, Coker Style!"

Here’s a pic I just took; it still has to finish peeling a bit, then it will be clearer, more defined. Typical healing process. Haha notice my nice “Farmer” tan!:stuck_out_tongue:


nice. probably the best uni tat you could have gotten. cant think of anything better.


So inspiring !:slight_smile: I rode my radial downtown last night, almost 20 miles round trip. I still upd on tough sidewalk sections etc. Worse at 3 AM.It is nice to see the device has such potential. That is the best coker riding I have ever seen.
So is your uni basically a radial deluxe painted KH blue? How important is the lighter wheel for your tricky riding? I was hoping to hold off buying the wheel upgrade until I need to buy a new tire (save shipping), but watching you makes me want one like yours right now !

Did you get a new camera?

Good job on the 20 miler!:slight_smile: Yeah, for hopping and dropping you really ned the double walled alum rim. Maybe a bit lighter than the steel but also way stronger. IMO very much worth the extra $$. And yeah, it’s a radial deluxe that I had powder coated and I also upgraded to the SS spokes, KH seat components and caliper brake. I’m lovin’ it!:smiley: NExt I’m gonna try hopping up a stair set, then bombing down it!

Yeah, but I got it a couple months ago. It’s a canon ZR700. Not a high end camera, but does what I need for the moment and takes decent stills, plus it can convert old VHS videos to digital, which is really cool.


Thanks Ken! Haha yeah! With all the Millions ppl make writing diet books, it’s not a bad idea! Except I don’t think the average person would be too interested in learning to uni–even if they knew it would make them lose weight. :stuck_out_tongue: But you never know! I’d sure include a chapter about this website! It’s the main reason I got interested in Uni again, and discovering the fantastic community of like-minded people that have helped me so much! :slight_smile:

your gonna be at NAUCC right?

Dang I wish…if only just to meet and see all the great riders! I couldn’t arrange the time off from work. I was planning on going with a group by car and it would have been a cool road trip! Anyway, I’m planning on going to CMW for sure!:smiley:

wow ur 36 skills are friggin awesome!!
and the tattoo is awesome!! u shuld try to get a sleeve of uni things from that tattoo up!!

Can you get another pic of your tat with you flexing your bicept?

Ha Ha…

Your videos are great. I think your a great rolemodel for alot of people, seems everyone I see at your age has kind of given up on themselves, just eat sleep and work. I know you inspire me. Keep living strong :slight_smile:

Lol, although is looks like I flexed, i didn’t at all. My arm was just kinda pressed against my chest a bit when I took the pic, but not to try to make my arm look big…it’s not at all haha! I really should do some weight training but it’s so boring!:smiley:

So, its almost come full circle…

Terry Bigwheel Muniaddict…

Awesome video… as always… Thanks a bunch!


Haha, I could combine them into: “TerryBigwheelMUni”! :smiley: Hey since there’s “MUni”, “Guni” howabout one for Coker muni? Like, “Cuni” or “CoMuni”. Or maybe “MUniker?”

very cool! Next you can work on wheel walking and gliding…

Maybe, but next I want to try gapping a stair set and hopping up/down stuff! :sunglasses: I also just managed to add “leg wrap/swing-around” (front & back) mounts! Those were harder than the kick-up mount! :astonished:

Wonder how high of a drop I could do without damage to the rim, hub or cranks. I think this is one area where my weight (144 lbs) will be an advantage.

Hey did you make that video with WMM? If so how did you make it widescreen?

There’s an option when you export it, but your footage has to be widescreen, otherwise it smushes the picture down.

the cranks will bend first…i’ve bent mine down measly 1’ drops.

what kind are you running? Steel tend to bend and alum tend to snap.


Well I’m not planning on doing any drops to flat, but rather all will be rolling drops, like in my video. John long was running HUGE 175’s when he did a flat drop and bent them immediately on impact. I think doing the rolling variety will distribute the force more evenly.

I normally run 127’s when I’m riding long distance, but switched to 152’s for the off road stuff, and they’re steel.
I did just order suginos (alum.) 165’s today from AE bike. 152’s seem to be good for coker muni, but I wanted to try the 165’s too.

Kool vid :smiley: I didn’t realize how fast you were going untill I saw you kicking up dust.

How about the Coker For Shot People? I’m not sure if it’s still being made, I don’t see it on any of the English speaking UDC sites.

Have you seen Brian McKenzie in TWNR?