new vid: 4/21/07

Evan came over last weekend so I had access to a working camera (and someone to follow me around with it) so this is the result.
Everything except for a couple clips were filmed in one day.

Here is the link. It is uploaded to

It is 2:24 long and somewhere around 14mb.

There is one new trick in there that I think I am the first to land, I don’t know what it is though. Evan and I just call it the twisty thing.

nuff said

Nice job, that was awesome.

crap… I guess I can just compete for second place at NAUCC…:frowning:
Your vid was very French-like.

can you put it on youtube and i cant find it on that link doesnt work for me:p

right click and save as.

That was awesome! Have you ever landed a 720 unispin because you do 540s alot

Really nice, Spencer. Both of those unis look awesome to ride.

ahhh i cannot get it to upload, well i did, but it said i needed quicktime, so i downloaded it and still cannot get it help plz.

Right click- save as, then you can download VLC player. Open it with that and it will work.

k, i downloaded it, but it says when i try to bring it up, movie couldnt work bla bla bla wronge compressor?

Wow! Fantastic! Funny though, I have the vcl player, but it only plays audio, while my windows media player plays it fine. :thinking:

Great video!

That is strange, it plays fine for me in VLC and quicktime.

Got it!
My advanced mind figured it out lol thx nice vid.

nice vid

Smooth video, you did a bunch of stuff I’ve just learned/am trying to learn… grrr.

Cool you got the unispin to ww to unispin… that was goood.

The “twisty thing”? Isn’t it just an inward unispin landed seat in with… funky hand/seat position and stuff?

Nice Spencer, very smooth.

How’s that?

I think I’ve come to the conclusion that its an inward sidespin, after talking to a few people about it.

A lot of the french riders do the same kind of flatland-type riding, like Dan Heaton and Xavier style stuff. Thats my favorite kind of riding, I am still working on it. I want to learn some crankroll stuff soon.

Yeah, I think that makes sense.

I like that kind of riding too…