Chicago Uni 2!!! New Vid!!!!

Hello I finally Finished it!

This time it has my friend Joel also. He learned last Autumn and is improving a

Enjoy! :smiley:


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Comments Appreciated!

I liked the Bush :slight_smile:

Yeah, me too. It was so hilarious.:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: We kept playing it backwards on the camera and it looked even funnier. I couldn’t figure out how to edit the clip so it was backwards with Windows Movie Maker though. :frowning:

I liked the video, something to aspire to. Although I gotta admit I had to shut the sound off to make it through.

I thought it was a good video:)
Decent music, varied riding and locations, and editing.

There are several areas which can be improved uppon for your next vid :sunglasses: , but a big one is while doing pedal grabs, not puting your free foot on the ledge. (Was that you or Joe?)

Others: less shakey, better film quality (wasn’t too bad, maybee a diff editing program?), and I would have put all the gym stuff together, but maybee that’s just me.

Great video! Impressive skills!

Chicago Rocks!

That was Joel putting his foot on the ledge. He does all crank grabs but usually lands on the pedal so he has to put the crank up on the ledge so he uses his other foot on the ledge to keep his balance. He needs to work on pedal grabs but he jumps to the left with his right foot forward and he’s not very good a sif yet so it’s harder to do. If I put my other foot on ledge when I do a pedal grab I film/do it over. But I do need to get a better camera. The one I have is a digital camera, with an movie function on it. Plus it records in quicktime so I have to convert it to .avi because I don’t have any other movie editor besides Windows Movie Maker. So the quality isn’t that great in the first place, then it gets converted so it gets worse. Joel’s parents have a mini dv camcorder that has good quality. We are probably gonna start using that. But I don’t have access to that camera when I go out riding by myself so I end up using my camera.

I’m looking forward to your next vid! :sunglasses:

edit: Spencer got a really good vid quality because of the editing program he used. Ask him or search for it. May help.

It’ll be out in a couple days hopefully. I have filmed all the shots I need.:slight_smile:

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See it then:)

thats what she said :roll_eyes:

Yeah but Evan’s camera is also pretty good, the version of my vid that I posted was a lot worse than the full version. He is using a digital camera so no matter what he uses to edit it won’t be high quality.
I am in that same situation right now, my camera is broken so I can either film when I ride with Evan or use a digital camera but I figure if I am going to film stuff I want it to look good so I just don’t film anymore by myself.

Oh and nice vid:)

Does It work for the Pc and how much does it cost? I’m broke cause I had to buy A New Maxxis CC(mine is worn), A new seat(mine broke), and some spokes(a couple broke).

P.S. The movie is out now if you havent seen it yet