new vid: 4/21/07

Wow thats sweet. I wish I could sideways ww. I see you got that ww to unisin down. Nice.

Very nice. One of the best vids I’ve seen lately. Boy do I watch a lot of vids, lol.

can you please just put it on youtube or on the gallery. my comp wont even open the eirarld whatever thingy

I just get audio

I will prepare flash and wmv now so tonight it will be on utv in all three formats. I will post it when Im ready

I really like your riding much Spencer, great to see how smooth it is !!!

Very nice riding!

One question: how did you get it to be such good quality at such a low file size?
Could you please tell me what programs you used and what settings you had? I’m planning to make a video myself soon and it’s important for me.

OK its done and online at utv now as wmv, mov and flv file.

By the way, there is now also voting availiable on utv, thanks to gossi again.

man, i already said it before on msn but i have to repeat

the unispin to 1ft ww to unispin is really awesome! i love it

the variations of side spins are way cool too!

keep going man!!

Now this was a vid that was fun to watch.
Realy a piece of art :sunglasses:

Peter M

So you got moments on a koxx hub?

No, I was riding koxx cranks on both unis in there. I have a moment hub and cranks on the way from Bedford though for my trials uni.

I used final cut pro (I am on a mac) I just selected the “Broadband-High” option and I was really surprised how well it worked. The video glitches in a few spots but looks good overall. I usually have to export over and over again changing settings and then I get huge files or bad quality, I am just going to use that setting from now on.

Hmm… Maybe the light just bounces off in some clips making them looks somewhat like Moments… or maybe I’m just crazy.

The paint is rather worn off on the sides of the cranks making them silver.

you are way too good at riding…

great vid. as many before me have said, it was real french, but in a diffrent way, idk how to describe it, but it wure was cool. once again great vid

That was some great riding!!!

Hmm, thank you. I guess I’ll have to figure it out for myself in Adobe Premiere. Or maybe it has a similar option.

thanks olarf.
that was crazy spence. you’re good at sidespins.
awesome stuff .
i like that paint job

ur geeting very good. u can see u getting better every vid.

any ideas on 540 unispins? i just cant get them

nice vid, why doen’t evan unicycle?