New Mad4One Parts - Disk Brake Hub and more!

Yes they are much softer! On the chromo hub you can see the pins deform quite a bit. You can still use them when they are deformed, they just squeak a lot when you ride hard. The other nice thing about the small flanges is that you can use bike spokes and have a small amount cut off vs having quite a bit.

No you do not have to replace the pins after you change the cranks out. But after a while using them you may want to so the squeaking doesnt get too bad.

I’m having problems with my early M4O hub and spoke breakage. The spokes always break at the j bend and only the spokes who have their heads on the outside of the bend. I have a feeling that the angle is not conducive to healthy spokes, and over time will fatigue to breakage.

Set up: 24" wheel with 170mm cranks, double butted spokes (sapim).
I know how to true wheels and my spokes have good tension and the wheel is true to a 1mm.

This is where i have seen all failure of spokes on the chromo version mad4one hub.

Do all your spokes break at a time or is it like one or two? I know that whenever colby breaks his spokes its always a lot at a time.

Colby does that with otherhubs too though

he brakes more spokes with the m41 chromo hub. At EUC he didnt break any with the ergal hub oddly though!

his riding seems to be alot smoother than it used to be, absorbing landings better

This is exactly the same problem as I have with my M41 chromo hub. I normally break several at once. The first time it happened, it wrote a brand new rim off :frowning: I also break the occasional spoke while mounting. I keep my wheel in good condition with decent spoke tension.

I agree with this A LOT!!

Its so weird cause some people have issues with spoke failure with little things like riding off a curb and then I myself can do whatever I want and never brake a spoke. The chromo hub is being looked at right now for a new design to save the spokes! Hopefully a solution can be found because I personally feel that the smaller flanges make the uni look better and its a brilliant design to save weight.

FIIIINNNAALLYY I know what the godawful sound is that’s coming from my cranks. Some of my pins are completely mangled lol :stuck_out_tongue: Buuuuut, everything has held up entirely beyond expectations over the past year and a half that I’ve been riding them.

This hub and crank set has been faithful to me since I started using it, and I’d be hard pressed to switch to any other brand now.

Eli you riding with the chromo hub or the ergal hub???

hahaha i bet your pins love you :wink:

ahhhhh I just read this whole thread, it’s pretty funny. If I generalise what I read it’s pretty much:

Older people: Ahhh! Innovation, new stuff, no no, keep the same thing as we had, we don’t want change.

Younger riders: New stuff, ncie let’s test it out, I want to see how it performs!

I don’t think Mad4One aims for normal unicyclists. They’re marketing top of the line parts :wink:

There no reason not to try to either. You should be excited that one of the very few unicycle companies are trying to put out new stuff… That’s what has been happening over the last decade and it’s been working great, look at where we are now compared to 2000. (by the way, ISIS is from 1998)

On 19" wheels that is less of a problem, but when going with a 24" or bigger, it should really be a concern.

The three aluminum hubs manufactured by UDC are the Equinox, Eclipse and 36" disk brake hub. I’ve ridden one of these and it broke within 2 hours of riding. Aluminum is softer than CrMo but I don’t think UDC Al hubs can be compared here.
(I don’t want to sound bad, but I’m a pretty “soft” rider myself and I’m pretty easy on my hub/cranks/pedals. I also didn’t do any drop over 1m)

EDIT: Props for VicUniClub’s post, I feel like my post is unecessary, but after reading this whole thing I still wanted to say what I had to say.

Fixed it for ya :roll_eyes:

I have tried my share of new unicycle products, as a result I have also had many new product failure. Am I skeptical of the claims made on this thread? You betcha!

Ergal, as if it’s some space age alloy that we’re never seen. Dude, get a clue, I’m riding “Ergal” cranks, 7050 series aluminum, they’re made by Try All.

Do I like new stuff, yes. Do I trust your claims, not yet.

Ever heard this phrase?

Show me the money!

Of course sponsored riders will be claiming its the best stuff, they are the only people riding it at the moment.

Also I wouldnt keep riding for a company that i have to constantly replace my parts since they break all the time. I ride mad4one parts because I like how they feel and they are strong and reliable.

Are we claiming that ergal is some super metal? No, its the same stuff that Kris is making his cranks out of now. It is such a good aluminium that he isnt even using inserts in! This is the same stuff that mad4one is using and has been using.

Show you the money?

You want to see all the riding that I have done on mad4one parts? The first video is riding that has been done with nothing but the godly light and amazing ergal hub kit :stuck_out_tongue:

Its still going strong to this day and im loving it more each time I ride it!

Second video is done with the chromo hub and kh cranks, parts with the blue frame and white rim are with the all glorious and awesome ergal hub kit :stuck_out_tongue:

Third video has is also with the mad4one chromo hub, some parts had the first mad4one cranks but at the gap/drop at 1:30 the pedal threads stripped. In the last clip of the big drop I was using the chromo hub and mad4one cranks with no issues after the landing. I also jumped an eleven stair set many times after this but did not like the camera angle so it was not used in the video.

So I think that should sum up your statement of “show me the money.” During all this filming I didnt break a single spoke and only went through one pair of cranks.

I think that having only one pair of cranks fail during this time period is a pretty good trade off for saving over a pound on my uni.


I rode the prototype of the m4o-race unicycle during the german championship. Its amazing! Freakin light and very nice to ride.


I think you missed the part of my post where it said something about funny and generalizing the whole thread. It also seemed that you were stuck on that and then skipped the rest of my post maybe?

As for the rest of your post, I wonder if you were saying that in regard to what I posted just before. If so, I don’t know what I have been claiming so much

amen. Definitely the best post in this thread.

The claims made in this thread are all just a bunch of silliness, it’s a unicycle, possibly one of the lowest tech pieces of equipment outside of a soccer ball or a frisbee. You think a new crank design is a radical change, really?

Does someones performance really improve with a weight reduction of six ounces? Lose five pounds off your derrier and you’ll also soar higher and it won’t cost you a dime :roll_eyes:

You don’t get spansored because you like the gear, you get spansored because you like the “free gear”.

So let’s get back to reality: How about some close up shots of the spindle, the pins, and how it all fits together. Maybe some shots of the used gear the “pros” have been riding.

You and I have a very different view of durability.

If it would be that simple, why did it take so long to finally get some decent unicycles on the market. If it’s also that simple why don’t you start marketing your own unicycle parts, seems easy to you…

Yes it does make a difference. It may just be six ounces, but then if you add it up to all the unicycle parts it may go up to a pound. You also have to take in consideration that it keeps evolving, it may be 6 ounces now, but last year was also 6 ounces, and the year before was 1 pound less, etc.

See, that would be quite hard for someone that trains 5 or 6 days a week… I’m 180lbs and 6’3", loosing weight would probably only mean loosing muscle mass for me…

I have yet to learn the definition of “spansored”. If you meant sponsored though, yes, free gear is awesome, yes I like the free gear, but being sponsored is more than getting “free gear”. A sponsor is a motivator and a supporter. It’s also an honor to get sponsored.

Let me take your logic, you are not working at your day job because you like it, but just so you can earn money.

I don’t own any Mad4One products yet, so I can’t help you on that, but hopefully we’ll see more soon.

It all depends one what you’re doing. I don’t expect my rim to last more than a year for example. If you do hardcore riding and push your limits as well as the unicycle’s limits, it will eventually break… and that’s when we see innovation. If nobody would have broken/have had problems the unicycles from the 1990’s, we still be riding those…

Emile you summed it up all up very good!

Now for the pros of the sport? I think that is something that is tough to classify, only performers can make a living off of unicycling. Kris himself is a teacher, even with his company and all his fame of riding he isnt able to make a 100% living off of it.

I would say their are people pushing the limits and these are the people that I would ask for product reviews.

I myself answered it clearly at the start of this thread. I provided you with videos of what I myself have done with the products. You can choose to either believe it or not believe it. Among other riders I have a good reputation that is respectable. That is why I am replying to this thread.

Its quite sad that other unicyclist are taking these new designs as something as a joke. Innovation is something that isnt done much with unicycle parts, only with the riding. Also I would like to clear up that the amazing thing isnt the cranks, its the hubs.

For pictures what do you want? I have a spare hub and crank kit lying right next to me and would love to clarify any and all questions you have.

The ones who complain about the new parts are probably the same ones who complained about Adrien’s frontflip.

Hah :wink:

Honestly, if Jacob doesn’t thrash these parts doing what he does nothing bad will happen from riding down a hill.

and the older generation needs to remember that mad4one parts are pretty much made for the younger generation and not for muni or long distance