New KH 36er in action!

From the trail with my new KH 36er, testing drops, jumps, speed runs, maneuverability, etc. Much lighter, more nimble and responsive than my radial. No cranks were bent during filming! Filmed 3/4/10. :):smiley: :sunglasses: :stuck_out_tongue:

Great that it started to work as supposed :slight_smile: It really looks like great fun!
Waiting for next vids with a new toy :slight_smile:

Dalmations are idiots…

Nice mount at just after the 2 min mark.

I really liked the hop mount at 2 :00 also

You make 36 muni look really smooth, almost practical.

It is cool how you left some of the training dumps in at the end of the vid.

Thanks Terry for making this vid. It is to advanced for me on my 24 muni, and I will keep my radial on the street for this year. Yet you make 36 off road look fun.

It is really fun to see how you can rock muni on a 36.

looks very relaxed as you ride it. Every time I see your cable cam sequences it looks so professional, great.

I see KH got you that free leg armor.

Wow. I can barely hop my 36 just to organize myself at a stop light. I’m always glad when you add in a few “bloopers” at the end. It shows that maybe you are really human. How do you like the KH armor compared the 661?

Very nice once again. Makes me feel like getting my KH36 ready for some more serious offroad fun. But I would have to change things around a lot then.
It works well for medium xc riding the way I have it set up now, which is fine. Just no hopping possible.

Thanks, yeah it held up great as expected! Just had to tighten spokes and true after ride, which is normal as it breaks in…like piano strings, lol! :smiley:

Thanks. It took me a few tries to get that mount! Still scary for me haha. :o

Thanks. I will probably be riding this mostly for touring on smooth surfaces, with 36er MUni less often.

Thanks man! I really enjoy setting up the ucc and watching the raw footage right after to see how it came out. :slight_smile:

Haha yeah, and they’re awesome! I came up with a slogan: “Kris Holm ‘Percussion’ Leg armor…it beats the competition like a drum!” :smiley:

I’ve only worn the KH armor once, but so far I really like it!

Thanks, yeah 36er MUni is a blast, although this video is closer to xc, except for the drops. :slight_smile:

I liked the jump off of the kicker at 50 sec. and then the styling added at 2:05…

Have you tried any drops to sloped downhill landing on the 36er? If you hit those at speed they feel like landing a dirt jump on a bike i.e. FEELS GOOD. :slight_smile:

Edit: Btw I’m only talking about like a one foot drop to transition, so don’t feel obliged to go jumping off another shipping crate. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks. Yeah drops at :26 and :30 were the most sloped landing I could find there, and the run ups were limited in length to get to full speed. But yeah, it’s a real rush!

PS: I’m very happy to have heard from Kris that he’s linked this video at his website! Thanks Kris! :slight_smile:

you should get a shlumpf hub XD youd go even faster lol

Haha, speed kills man! :stuck_out_tongue: (If I really go all out, I can hit nearly 18mph on flat, that’s still way past my comfort level, and scary as heck, lol! :slight_smile: )

I like the hop mount as well…and the filming…editing …rolling drops…hops…falls…unicam…smooth riding…never-ending enthusiasm and energy… OK.

Thanks Sean! Lookin’ forward to your next uni-vid, and would also love to see more footage from your great shows!