Post Your 36er Here

oh yea : ) . . .

I’ve angled the bar ends back down a bit : P this was the first time I put the new seat and bars on. So the angles haven’t been tweaked.

I would like to get rid of the excess magura tubing, so I’ll need to get a new “olive”, but I dread having to deal with that, so I’ll probably either just leave it or have my LBS do it. QUOTE]

It’s really easy if you use the Magura kit, around £20 but does a load so worth the investment.

My Coker is still how it was last summer, except now I got a Speedometer on it. And the seatclamp on the handle bar is not purple anymore, it’s black. I might also change the seat for the original one and put the orange freeride on my muni, witch is orange.

ha not quite, 6’6"

oh yea, I forgot : ( I’m 5’8" . . . = short

My new toy! This is a vidcap from today’s first MUni adventure!

My new 36er

Just added a Topeak Defender fender to my 36er, had to modify the mount and the front fender portion to fit correctly, but it is working out great. Just got a pair of Venture 125’s that I haven’t put on yet, started with the 150’s.

I love the nightrider



nice, I like the roof rack idea.

My Hunter 36" from the day I won the “100 Miles of Nowhere”, Suburban Unicycle Division.

Rick Hunter 36" frame
Unicycle Factory custom extra-wide hub
Stockton wheel
Kooka quad-tapped cranks, 110/130/150/170
Wallis custom CF saddle w/ GB4/Stockton touring handle
Leftover wheel number from Bike MS Tour - #15 fundraiser out of 2,000 riders

now that’s an adjustable set of kookas!

I may have a top notch manufacturer interested in production, hopefully it fits in with things to come from them.

I really love the GB4, stinks that they quit making it : (

You can see Max and my 36rs on this cover shot from the latest Tailwinds magazine.

My Nimbus Nightrider:

152mm cranks
Funn pedals
Handle custom built from a T7 and CrMo seatpost by Kaos Custom Bikes
Oury glow in the dark grips
Spokey Dokeys
Lights, horn and bell
Kris Holm Freeride Fusion Saddle

Nimbus Nightrider
Kris Holm T-Bar
Oddessy Pedals
Cycle Computer
Generic Blue Bell
Cannondale Tool Bag
Topeak rear blinker
Lezyne Hand Pump
Custom Glow-in-the-dark valve cap

Soon to come: Double under-seat bottle cage to take some of the weight of water off my back on my ocean-to-ocean trip in a few weeks.

Was never a “they”, only a “he”.
I have a GB4 36" frame in nice condition, red, which I’m wanting to sell.
It was made for my general sizing (5’ 10", 30" inseam), so workable probably for anyone 5-7 to 6-1, generally proportioned.
PM me if you want to talk more about it. One of these days I might actually post it to the Trading Post thread, when I get a Round Tuit.

It’s the one on the left here.

Sorry to see this one go, but I have my new kh, and I just don’t have the space in my little 800 sf house. It will go to a good new home I’m sure! :slight_smile:

Lots of extras with it too! :smiley:

this thread is making me drool.

ill be joining the 36’er world ASAP!
sold my road bike, so bring on the big wheel.

some really rool 36’ers in here

I can picture the add now:

For Sale: 36 unicycle, lightly used. First owner, ridden by an older gentleman on Sundays to and from church. Very sedate rider; no scratches, bumps or big drops. Price negotiable.