Pictures of your latest ride

hey thanks Rob, just lucky with the timer. I got home and had a good laugh when I saw it! :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes and No

Mostly on-road. This was a 33 mile road ride.

I was surprised when I noticed many pictures reveal pedals in the long hole. It just seams to slow me down to much to turn long cranks now.

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“Chilly Hilly” Bike Event on Bainbridge Island

33 miles and 2675 feet of elevation gain. 6000+ bicyclists and 4 unicyclists: a record number for both. A beautiful sunny Sunday ride. Running into Joe and Lana made it that much better. Life was good last Sunday.

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First day on the trail with my new toy, and 4 hours of total bliss!
(Video coming soon!)

One more. :smiley:

[LEFT](Video is up!)

Terry, that shot of you catching air on the 36er is an inspiration!

Thanks Kerv! It was super fun doing that! :slight_smile:

This is from today with my local riding buddy Gabriel. A much kinder, gentler 36er ride this time, lol! Notice the external “Ihome” speakers on my shoulders! Great stereo sound and I can hear what’s going on around me. :smiley:

Hard to call a ride, but during some meeting of “creative local innitiatives” we had also a unicycle part. Mostly it covered some newbies wanting to try it, but anyway it was good to meet some fellow guys and hopefully convert a new ones :slight_smile:

I look small next to Kevin. Sure glad your on my side. Nice to see your progress out on the road.

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In any “measure” that matters Joe, you are the “biggest man” in the picture, but behind every great man is a great woman… Tell Lana I said hello and thanks for holding me up after the “Chilly Hilly”…I would have fallen asleep right before the picture at the finish. I know you can ride 60 miles non stop and 33 miles is just a warm up for you but I felt it.

I bought my Daughter a uni, off of craigslist.
the lady I bought it off of said it was an 18" tire, but it is a 20"

So I had to cut the seatpost and cut down the neck, to make it fit her 21" inseam.

I read there were 4 unicyclists who took part in the event. What happened to the other two unicyclists?

From this morning, 3/7/10.

I can dream, can’t I? :stuck_out_tongue:
(I am seriously considering this drop when it dries out and stops crumbling)
The drop area is a little past the very bottom left)

I did this on my bike a couple of years ago, I know there are a couple of pretty steep hills, how are they on a 36? Are you riding up those or do you have to walk it? What size cranks? Maybe I’ll try that one next year, of course weather depending… :slight_smile:

one more…

That’s the drop I wanna see on film!

haha, from where the uni is, or the camera?!:smiley:

from where the camera is!!! also, WITH a camera pole! : D

That’s just a tad too high for this senior citizen! :o