New Hour Record by Jan Logemann - 27.564km

I haven’t heard this on r.s.u so far, so I thought I’d flag it up:

Jan Logemann has set a new One Hour World Record of 27.564km (17.127 miles), riding a Schlumpf 36".

Congratulations Jan!

(Does anyone have any more info?)


He did it last weekend on the open german championship on a normal stadium track. The weather was realy bad and it rained, hailed and was very windy.

Congratulations Jan!!

Well done!
Was this done to Guinness spec?

Jan Logemann Jan Logemann Jan Jan Jan Jan Jan Logemann.

Great job, I was wondering who the first person with a schlumpf 36 was going to be to tackle this record. What was the previous record again?

previous was I think 27.18km

That’s jolly fast. Although still less fast than the marathon record which is 28.9 something if I got my sums right? I wonder if Chuck is having a go at it any time.



here are two pictures where you can see the nice weather. :slight_smile:
Knut Steffens the worldrekord holder in track coasting rode with me.
He rode a 36" uni with 90mm cranks.
At the end he was 3 rounds behind me. But the first pass was after 35min.

Nadine Wegner rode with me, too. She had a 28" geared uni ( 1:2,5 ).
She rode 23,659km. That’s the rekord for females now.

oh… there is one wrong picture.

That’s awesome, well done Jan! 27+ kph around the corners of an athletics track must be pretty scary!

Wow, that’s pretty impressive to go at those speeds in that weather, on what looks like quite a tight running track, and it’s really cool that you had friends racing you too.

Did you find the corners slowing you down much?


Congratulations! You had to pick a day that was worse than the Time Trial at RTL, eh? Well, Siafrirede beat me to it, but it brings a song to mind… :smiley:

Still, I can’t imagine how much faster must be possible on a larger or straighter course.

I think the corners were no big problem for the speed.
At the last 20min. my back hurts, because you have always the same position.
And the wind was very hart so I couldn’t sit with a streghted back. (do you understand what I mean?)

I think, if the weather is better I can manage 28-29km.

Now i know why they sing that bloody song.

Congratulations to Jan for owning the world record now. You are a true German Speeder, especially with the bad weather.

And congratulations for Nadine for setting the female world record.

I remember Nadine’s interesting gearing design, I talked to her and took pictures of the gear system during Unicon. A design like the Schlumpf hub has a theoretical maximum gear ratio approaching 2:1. In Nadine’s unicycle the gearing system is not built into a hub, and hence the ring can be fixed to the frame. Therefore the ratio can theoretically approach 3:1. During Unicon she had a 29" tyre on it, making the virtual wheel diameter something like 72 inches!

Nice one Jan.

It is an exciting time for Unicycling just now thanks to people like you using the new technology to the maximum.

I can’t imagine riding at those speeds at all, never mind for an hour. Do you have any plans for another run if you feel you could go faster?


Wow, 32% further than I ever managed over an hour. I’m humbled.:o

Wow, awesome ride, Jan! I don’t think I could manage that far in that weather, or even on an athletics track at all (me and turns don’t get along!). Major congratulations! I think riding a geared 36 gives you a special appreciation for the damage that unfavorable wind can do to your speed… that’s truly a feat indeed.

Awesome ride Jan, especially in the rain!

Don’t ride with a straight back…this is your trademark posture…I’d be able to tell it was you from a mile away :slight_smile:

I’ve just got back from riding in Macau…I really want a geared 36" now.

Way to go Jan! With that under your belt, are you thinking of trying again on a nicer day? Congratulations!!!


I think, I will try it again, but it is boring to bet your own rekord. So I will wait!
There are some guy’s in the world how can do it.