New coker handlebar FINALLY available!!!!

Took long enough. :roll_eyes: I think I’ll be getting it when I get a coker.


I’m still waiting on mine I ordered a while back thru uniproshop. Should be here by now! :thinking: :slight_smile:

Thanks! I’ve been waiting for this to come out.


Me want. Will it fit a seatpost for KH unicycles?

Don’t want one - too heavy. Plus, will the double bar under the seat rub on your thighs?

That’s a lot of extra metal. Seems like it would weigh as much as the T7. The adjustability is good though.

XLR tire is out too.

although it’s just a rip-off of the TA

The Coker Pi bar is 1.4 pounds. The T7 is 2.2 pounds. So it’s about a half pound lighter, actually.

And no weight spec on the site.

It shouldn’t as it’s narrower than the saddle width.

Hmm, interesting. I think, then, that this bar must be a better choice. It looks like it might not break as easily.

The T7 isn’t adjustable. That’s the key feature about this one, and what sets it apart from all other handles except maybe some custom ones. This handle can be attached high or low on the seatpost (depending how much post you have showing), then adjusted up and down quite a bit from there. My problem with the T7 is it’s too high, and I can’t put any weight on it. My hands just kind of hold it but it’s not doing much.

Plus the T7 is more $$!

it says you need 1 1/4" of exposed seatpost and the seatpost size for cokers is 25.4mm, so no, it won’t fit the KH seatpost.

It’ll fit a Nimbus 36er tho.

And my radial 36er. It will fit any 25.4mm seatpost. Won’t fit the old 22.4mm coker seatposts though; I suppose you could just shim the smaller seatpost to make it fit.

As Coker just got them in yesterday, that means that they are now available to ship, meaning they will be shipping them out to uniproshop either today or tomorrow. I do not know if they will ship them directly from Georgia or if their warehouse in California has them and they’ll ship them from there. Either way, I’ll let you know as soon as they come in Terry. I want mine just as bad as you (well, actually I take that back cause I can’t ride for a week or two due to a sprained ankle) but I do want mine anyways!! I’m guessing my next weekend we should have them!! I hope they are as good as they look/sound!!! :slight_smile:

Hopw did you sprain you ankle? Was it uni-related?

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Yes, I was riding Trials down in Dana Point with Tyler and fell down some stairs, twisted my ankle and landed on it…not good especially since RTL is only 5 weeks away! I hope it heals fast.
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Ouch! That sucks! :astonished: Just heal up quick and have a great time at RTL! :slight_smile:
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