New Coker, Final Pics and everything!!!


I hope this works…

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Here ya go :slight_smile:

The frame looks weird; I think it may be a case where there are flaws introduced by an unusual design. But we’ll have to see over the long haul.

I like that they increased the seat post diameter and upgraded the seat (although a Fusion Freeride would have been better than the older Velo).

I would have preferred 36 spokes to 48.

But overall I think it looks like a cool ride that will definitely take a bite out of the Nimbus market, especially if they deliver it at $339 as was formerly listed on their site.

Wow, looks pretty awesome. Way more higher-end features than I expected! If they can manage to keep the price similar to the original Cokers that would be pretty amazing. The frame will remain a question mark until people get it into their hands and give it a try.

Which of course brings up the question: When?
Also: How much?

“V2 pricing and preorders Oct 2007”


I don’t like the 48 spokes/hub as it adds unecessary weight and bulk. Not to thrilled with the frame either as it too would add weight. I HATE the saddle and yes, the fusion freeride would have been the best choice.

It also appears that they didn’t change the tire design, as I much prefer the TA. I am happy that coker went with the new lighter, alum rim. But in the final analysis, I am very happy with my current setup, and would not trade it for the new coker on a bet!

Personally, I like the look of the frame

They say pre orders taken in Oct. One more big announcement planned for next week. I sure hope it isn’t the weight !
Looks really good to me. For sure the price will be way higher then 340$. All those ungraded parts. 48 ss spokes, you may prefer 36, but someones going to pay for the extra 12. I want to know the weight and what the riders think. I bet Terry is talking himself into buying one, I’ll wait for the movie !, then maybe get one. :slight_smile:

OK, I’m not much of a mind reader

I guess not Terry LOL.

The frame looks sweet and the seat looks comfy. What more do you need?:smiley:

Looks like they stayed with the familar button tire. “Ribbed XLR tire” sounds a little bit like the TA. I’m happy it has brake bosses. “Touring handlebar” Think it will be a T7?

I’m highly skeptical of the $449 price. I’ll be impressed if they keep this under $500. It would still be value priced compared to the Nimbus Deluxe at $599

At the bottom left of the image, there’s a reference to the new XLR tire. Is that a new tire? Everything listed at the bottom might be where they may make their money - with addons.

I found it interesting that the frame is made in Chattanooga, not China. I wonder if we will be able to just buy the wheelset. I have all the rest of the parts except the frame, which I can pick up used somewhere.

All in all, I am excited.

I wanna know if the frame will be available separately. I have no use whatsoever for a 48-spoke wheel, the 7/8" frame tubing can be cut up and used for handlebars, and, I’d have a pair of bearing holders left over to build another V-frame! :sunglasses:

Correction: I’m skpetical of the $339 price.

I’m curious as to how an extra 12 spokes gets everyone’s panties in a bunch. The added weight is, what, about 100g? Being that they shaved about 600g off the original Coker rim, you’re still left with a lighter wheelset.

Even better, the “extra” 100g is located closer to the center of the wheel, where mass makes less of a difference in the inertia of the wheel.

So… what gives?

It’s unnecessary and reduces compatibility with other parts.

Sounds like we’re equally impressed with this coker…:stuck_out_tongue:

coker and qu-ax wheelsets will likely have interchangeable parts now as theyre both 48 spoke cycles. I still fail to see what the frame design is going to do for you here. The nimbus/hunter style V frame had its advantages because of the angle of the forks and the smaller tubing size. This doesn’t do that and seems like it may be unstable and also heavier than your average oceanliner.

Here’s the deal lads.

If you didn’t post here, please feel free to hold off on the crit, k?

This company went out there and put the highest spec, off the shelf, big-wheel uni on the market and all you guys can do is nitpick and complain?

I’m not suggesting that you ‘have’ to like it, but please bear in mind that these people came to ‘us’ to ask for our input while they were developing this uni. This machine, while it may not be every long-distance rider’s wet-dream, is likely to do more for the sport of distance unicycling than anything else to hit the market in the past 20 years.

And the only other thing to hit this market in the past twenty years and have an appreciable impact was the 36" pneumatic tyre, made by…?

A little respect goes a long way.

I also don’t quite understand how you can complain about the frame ‘adding weight’.
Is it the ‘Hunter frame’ that people have been singing folk-songs about?
And that also involves four pillars reaching from the seat-post down to the bearing housing?
Just in a slightly different configuration?
Odd that…

There is also mention of a new ribbed tyre, for more pleasure, obviously, so we can hold off on crit about the tyre for the time being.

All together now…"We Love You Coker Tyre Company, We Do…