Need Lobster artwork for a tattoo

Hey, gang. I’ve been approached about getting a tattoo for a reality tv program. It’s by no means definite at this point, but if I go ahead with it, the tattoo I have in mind has a lot to do with the Lobster ride of 2008. I really like the artwork from the socks, tee shirts, and promotional material that were associated with the ride. So here is the point of my thread:

  1. Is any of that artwork copyright protected? If so, is any of it available?
  2. Would any of the artists among you like to design a tat that will be profiled in great detail for a tv show? No money in it from me, but you’d certainly get a lot of credit on the show. If so, contact me with a PM here.

You can see one of my uni-related tattoos on this old thread. Mine’s the Lady Liberty on a unicycle.


I think Darren Bedford came up with the main RTL logo - ask him.

Thanks, Steve!