National Go Ride Uni Day?


I found out awhile ago that skateboarding has a national go skate day. Being the longest (sun light) day of the year. I’m interested if any of you would want to just call a day that, National Go Uni Day, (to get off work, or have a reason to go ride ALL day, drop girlfriends, other activities, everything, just uni.) I like the day July 20th. It is in the middle of summer (great weather, nice sunlight, no school, no special holiday) and also has the nice 7-20 numbers to it. (720, come on everything is better with two, 720twist, 720unispin, doubleflip.) It’s nothing too special, just interested to see if anyone else has had this idea. (I bet you think this is a rediculous idea, but if something happens, it has to start somewhere right?)

-Shaun Johanneson

I’ll do it!

but for me, everyday is a go uni day…

Make it international. This is an international site.

count me in sir

I like it!!!

Sounds good Shaun.


sound pretty good…eventually we will have to have a massive international meet on that day to comemerate “go ride a uni day” it would be sweet!

Me gusta.



Hells yeah!

it would just be another riding day though

Yes but it would mean something.

Not everywhere in the world has great weather and nice sunlight in july. In the southern hemishpere that is the middle of winter. In order to make it an international day that has good weather for everybody, it would be best to have it in mid/late september. That way it is Autumn (Fall) in the Northern hemisphere and spring in the southern hemishpere, and should be good weather for all.

There arn’t many of us down here but we are just as important. :smiley:


It’s all for the meaning of unity. One day just kinda labeled as a day where all unicyclists should be riding.

p.s. I never suggested it to be international remember, lol. That was somebody else. I said national. lol. And the southern hemishpere doesn’t have of a winter anyway. Austrialla is usually decent year round.

-Shaun Johanneson

Winter can get pretty cold with a bit of snow in southern Australia and New Zealand. Make it any day you want, I don’t care if it isn’t a international thing. I’ll still go riding on the day, rain, hail or shine (well depends on the size of the hail :slight_smile: ) maybe the snow will make it even more fun :smiley:


innit do!!:smiley:

Im in!!! july 20th is perfect too! its 6 days after my b-day lol, even if on that day, it isnt sunny, then everyone should still ride, rain, snow, hail, strong winds, none of that ever stopped me from riding =p

Why July 20th? Go a few days later and you’ll have a whole Unicon of people joining in! (Unicon starts on July 23).

I prefer the idea of a world unicycle day over a national one, which means we should compromise on the seasons. A day like that could be used as the jugglers use their day, to increase awareness about our sport, teach people to ride, try to generate local press, and of course go out and have a good time with fellow unicyclists.

Which ever day is fine to me as long as it’s in summer (granted we’re looking at different seasons in different parts of the world). If any part of the school year is going on it wrecks the idea. I don’t mind the world part of it, just the “unicycle day” wording.
The best way to get people unicycling is to show them the extreme sides of it. I’m not a firm believer of getting the idea of unicycling out there through freestyle (basically looks what it did, not a lot, until street and trials got popular in the late 90’s and early 00’s). I’m trying to appeal to the kids in a way where they won’t feel like it’s a stupid sport, or “gay” sport. Circus related acts I believe won’t work. Show them sets, trials lines, rails, flatlandy type moves. That’s the good looking stuff to get people into it. Well like I said this is all just what I believe and what i’ve noticed. Thanks for your time.

-Shaun Johanneson

Careful Shaun, remember where the creators of Street, MUni and today’s other popular forms of unicycling came from. The newer areas of unicycling attract a lot of attention and would be great to promote, but to each his (or her) own. Remember the country with the most unicyclists (Japan, reportedly around six million) barely knows about MUni and especially Street.