Name for unicycle hop

Somebody recently mentioned that there is no name for a unicycle bunnyhop. We should all make a name for it and use it. Please post your ideas

That would have been my post.
bikers call it a “bunny hop”
skaters call it an “ollie”

The question is, what do WE call it?

“uni hop” Perhaps?
flying monkey
OWITA (one wheel in the air)

Just some ideas. None of them are really any good. But hey, it’s a start.

Lets call it something cool like…
The Happy
The Pirate Jig
The Spanish inqusition

“Hey did you see that totally awesome Pirate Jig he just did?”
“Check out that Spanish Inqusition!”

Hey I"m just trying to get the creative juices flowing…

I thought that pogo was taken by the pogo stick people. We may want something “unique”

Re: Name for unicycle hop

How about “Pig”?

Thats’ the unofficial mascot of this group anyway. (“sweatin like a pig”

I’m sure someone has made the statement “yeah, I could ride that
thing…when pigs fly”.

You could yell “PIG” to another unicyclist and he would know what you mean.
Everyone else would think you’re rude. Oh, sorry, many of you are. :smiley:



i think it shouldnt have an elaborate name, like pirate jig, because it really isnt a special trick. It needs to be something short like Pogo so you could add tricks to it. As in " Did you see him do that Pogo Spin"
my vote goes to Pogo

I think the Muggles have allready named it the ‘Do a wheel-ie’.

The Flying Monkey is what I think of when performing an impromptue-no-foot-glide.


Re: Name for unicycle hop

The “one legged bunny hop”.

Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ


Stalk Hop
Rabbit Hop
Spring Hop
Spring Ping

for me the different hops are named…

…rolling hop


i like the pirate jig
alltho i am concerned that we’ll be lobbied by the descendants of these fine, seafaring folk demanding that we cease and desist from using derogatory terms to describe their naval redistributors of wealth ancestors
if they team up with the clown- and pig action groups, we could be in big trouble!


with that load of unadulterated BS off my chest i feel much better thank u

i’m a commentator at heart and live for an opportunity to say things like “let’s have another look at that in s-l-o-w m-o-t-i-o-n”
and say it with feeling
when u call a hop a ‘pirate jig’, u r simply opening the doors of commentator heaven
u’ll be able to do things like:
"oh my goodness! bill, did u see that?! he just did a gruneedler-ripperstopping-pirate jig-with-advanced-helmenhauser-side-spin!! i haven’t seen something like that since that kid from…
(and here go into totally uncalled for lampooning of talented members of the unicycling community, nods to sendhair, thinks about how lonely this planet actually is, returns to original train of thought)

yes, by all means allow the language of unicycling to develop organically, from the ground up, let it be used before it gets listed
but once in awhile, put up with idiots like me trying to sway the general feeling in the direction of something just a lil’ bit spicier than ‘hop’

thanx, i’m done
for now

Hopping uphill in MUni is called “pecking” (after George Peck).

“Hopping uphill in MUni is called “pecking” (after George Peck).”

do u’s take turns like the surfers?
the first one on the hill gets to hop up first?
hence the expression…


uni hop

uni hop seems to be a good name. you can name tricks after it too uni hop 180 or uni hop 360 orsimilar tricks. it is short and sweet and makes sense. There are many ideas that would work even though uni hop seems to be the best as of now.

Not to sound boring, but what’s wrong with “hop”? As someone else mentioned, there are many types of hop, such as rolling hop, static hop, etc.

There is also a difference between hopping and jumping. I guess the difference should have something to do with the takeoff. Hopping to me is something small, and usually done many times. A jump might be a single launch, or series of very large hops. But even a jump can start with a pre-hop to load the tire for good a spring.

So to me, a series of small bounces off the ground should be called hopping. I don’t consider it the same as a bunny hop, as that is when you lift both wheels off the ground equally. This does not apply to us.

Jumping is when you do something bigger. how big? That’s where the gray area lies.

Stay on top,
John Foss

Muniac makes the distinction between hopping and jumping by asking whether the seat is out or not. Hopping is seat in, jumping is seat out. By riding usage, then, jumping is bigger, but not necessarily so. This approach avoids the grey area nicely without being impractical.

pogo is a bmx trick i like side hop, bunny hop and rolling hop they are the same name as in bike trials so people can relate

pogo sounds nice and short and can have other “types” added on to it

side pogo
180 pogo
360 pogo
pogo twirl