My Super Muni

Let’s start from the top.

KH Fusion seat cover
1/2 KH foam with Bell Fusion Gelpad (from Walmart)
Scott Wallis seat base
Custom brake mount
GB Reeder handle
Thomson seat post
Magura HS33 w/ braided hose
Scott Wallis CNC’d brake extenders
KH '05 frame
Surly Large Marge rim
DT Swiss black spokes
Intense 3 x 24 Tire
KH Hub/Crank set 165mm (yes it was my first choice)

wow that thing’s amazing, now it just needs some dirt on it :wink:

i would do illegal things. very illegal and immoral things to have that…or to even get to ride it on some trails…that is amazing

Thats pretty sweet man.

That is a very hardcore Muni.

I would do illegal things ON it…

WOah, so how much did that thing cost?!

That sir is a thing of beauty.

Probably just over $1000, but it was an evolution. It didn’t feel like $1000.

I just weighed it - 17 1/4 lbs

Like the rim, tire and frame VERY mutch but the cranks are weak I think.
Bent mine bad and I only do 1 meter drops with good rollout.

Peter M

That’s the rumour. There were 2 different thicknesses of KH crank wall released. The newer ones are stronger. I’m not sure there is a weakness issue on the newer ones. Don’t let the “KH cranks are weak” be conclusive without further input. I’ve done one meter drops with bad technique with no damage and I weigh 200 lbs.


I have a large marge in the mail. After seeing those pics, I am getteing very impatient.

I’d like to see how to make the Bell Fusion Gelpad.

Is the Large Marge a recent addition? Would be interested to get your input on it. I’ve heard from a couple people they like it a lot more in comparison to their previous Sun or Alex doublewides.

how did you get the brakes to fit on the large marge? also, that tire looks way way bigger than it should because of the rim.

I wish they made a less heavy duty version of that rim…

anyway, nice muni.

the tire looks square

This album
has lots of pics showing the different components.

Closeups of the brake extenders and components of the gel saddle.
Here’s a closeup of the HUGE rim.

Very nice. Does the brake cable get in the way at all? It seems that one could possibly get their foot tangled up in it during a fall.

Allow me to give you a glimpse into the future…(pretend your brake is being repaired or something).

they do for 26" size