FOR SALE: KH 24 Frame, Scott Wallis Brake Extenders, Thomsom Seat Post, 24" Wheel

Selling a setup, whole or in parts for a Large Marge wheel. I switched to a Rowing frame with my LM wheel and I no longer need this stuff.

'05 KH frame in excellent condition with some very minor nicks. This is one of the early frames that fits the Gazz.
$160 including shipping in US

Scott Wallis brake entenders for LM wheel with all necessary screws. Used a very short time
$35 including shipping in US

27.2 Thomsom Seatpost. Black in excellent condition. LOOOOONG
$60 including shipping in US

'05 KH Muni wheel with Gazz little wear. Little used. Hub/Cranks are straight and tight.
$240 including shipping in US

I also have 2 point magura mounting hardware for the above if anyone’s interested.

Here’s a link to the parts. I can get more up later.

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is the KH frame the one with the noodles?

also, you can get one of the new 07 KH frame for $150 from bedford, so yeah…

Oh, They are $200 at UDC. Are the Bedford ones the short legged ones that got produced? I’m negotiable, so yeah…

how much for the whole thing with the maguras?
EDIT: You must be filthy rich! You sell more high end unicycles than anyone else here!

Wait, It’s not the whole uni is it?

I looked at the Bedford price list and it says $125 CAD so that’s $108.
Also, What kind of payment do you accept? Does Paypal work? I have started considering a Muni seriously and this might be the answer for me.
Also, the Koxx Track monsters have 140s on them. aren’t 165s a little extreme?

The Kh frame that is $125 on the Bedford site is the old steel one.

140mm cranks on a 24" would be crazy, that is way too short if you want control.

Tell that to ntappin. He uses 110’s on his street/trials and 137’s on his 26" muni.

Yeah, I have been riding my trials uni with 110s too. Most people do not though, and there is a reason for that.:o

140 is about perfect size for muni if you have a brake, with that in mind…

Are you going to be selling the piece that comes out from the brake handle to make it on the right angle for easy braking :p?

I’m picking up the mounts for some V brakes and getting them welded on this weekend and probably once I cash my paycheck getting some brakes.

I think I will actualy write a review of shorter cranks on larger wheels.

I rode unicyclepa’s kh with 165mm cranks and I like it over my dx 152’s. They have better control and help for steep ups and downs.

hey pdc, ill give u 300$ for the wheel + frame…

I sent you a PM

i run 125’s on my 24 muni.


ohhh boy, it’s another one of PDC’s giant uni blowout sales.

This guy is great to do business with, guys. I bought my coker from him, great service.

PDC, you rule!

When are you going to get around to taking your profile 26" wheel apart and giving me the hub?