My saddle is torturing me.

I realized something during last night’s ride: sitting on my Nimbus II’s saddle is unbearable. The more I relax and sit down rather than support my weight with my feet, the worse it gets, with the result that I am building a habit of standing on the pedals too much despite the fact that my natural inclination is to sit down and chill out. I believe I’m something of a natural unicyclist, but this piece of junk I’m being subjected to (the saddle, not the whole unicyle) is undermining my natural inclinations in the most infuriating way. As soon as I made that realization, I stepped off the unicycle and made up my mind not to get on it even one more time until the problem is fixed.

The problem is that the front part of the saddle is jammed into the spot right at the base of my scrotum. Sorry if that’s TMI, but I can’t think of any way to address the problem without stating it explicitly. I’ve tried repositioning myself every way I can think of, but I always end up with the same pain in the same place after riding for a couple dozen yards. Any recommendations for replacement saddles?

Kris Holm Fusion Freeride with an adjustable tilt seat post.

This will not fit the current Nimbus Gel saddle without substantial modification, as it has “wings” tapering out to 50mm wide, substantially more than the molded in depression in the saddle base currently being used.

The angle is already somewhat adjustable with a stock seatpost, though I’m not sure that there is a “good” angle. I’ve debated adjusting it partway through the ride just for the sake of change.

Have you tried adjusting the saddle itself on the post?
I agree that the Nimbus saddle is not the most comfortable (although some people really like them, it’s very subjective), but even with the stock seat post there is some adjustment possible. Loosen the fastening screws up and push the saddle all the way forward. That will put it into its upward-most tilt, and will tend to pull you towards the back of the saddle. If that doesn’t help, then an adjustable seatpost is your only recourse. (As well as a new saddle, of course. I like the KH Fusion Freerides, but I like them flattened. Use the search box for info on saddle flattening.)
Good luck!

Please use the search function for generic questions such as saddle recommendations.

KH usually get’s the nod.

Anyone know what crank length is best?

195mm is standard but there are a few high level riders who go as low as 150mm.

On a serious note, KH is the brand to go with.

Say what? Pretty sure Catsmeat has a uni in the < 29" range, where 150mm is considered medium long, 165mm quite long, and many opt for 125mm or less. I was slightly concerned that I was being ambitious ordering 125’s on my 26er, but that turned out to be a decent choice - I would definitely have regretted picking anything longer.

Perhaps, but that’s a brand not a specific model

Padded bike shorts. If you’re not currently wearing them, start wearing them. I was suffering from the same nightmare; when I got the bike shorts, the problem went away. I suggest making that change before blaming anything on your saddle.

The stuff about 195mm cranks is some sort of bitter sarcasm because some people get impatient with basic questions being asked over and over again on the forums. I can understand that- the search function is indeed a valuable tool for most such questions- but the OP on this thread actually has a somewhat unusual problem: being “tortured” by your unicycle seat usually only happens when you ride a $30 Craigslist special. Mine used to actually draw blood from my inner thighs. Catsmeat has a Nimbus 2, though, so his question is more puzzling than it might at first seem. Those saddles are about as comfortable as they get. Some people may disagree and say they prefer the KH or the NNC or whatever for their 50-mile unicycle vision quests, but Catsmeat is talking about not even being able to ride 50 meters. On a Nimbus saddle that is very strange. I would guess that maybe changing the angle of the seat would be the thing to try, but I’m not sure.

The Fusion Freerides are “semi-flattened” already. A Fusion Zero would be the go if you want flatter.

I have seen it suggested on this forum that some riders could benefit by cutting more from the central groove.

There seem to be different covers on the Fusion. Mine has a fabric top.

I also have an early model Fusion on my KH Onza. Its base is rather too flexible for my liking.

I also have a Nimbus Gel and QU-AX saddles both which I find to be alright though I prefer the Fusion. Their rounded transition from the top to the side makes sense to me because of the tilt required when crossing side slopes.

Catsmeat, you are a new rider so I’m going to inquire about your seat height. Is it too low? This is probably less to do with saddle comfort than leg comfort, but if it’s really low it will hurt to sit on it also, and it may tend to move around more. For learning to ride you want your seat pretty high, so your legs go most of the way straight when your feet are at the bottom. Basically all the way straight if you were to have your heel on the pedal. From your description of saddle front vs. scrotum you may have your seat (way) too low.

Padded bike shorts make a world of difference also. The Nimbus Gel is a very good saddle. I’m pretty sure that’s what I used for my 100 mile ride a few years ago, though there have probably been changes in the design since then. Definitely look into some shorts. I have many pairs, and the more expensive ones are generally worth the added cost.

Huh? So they not only made a huge step backward going back from bolts to nuts but also made it incompatible with the KH seatposts? I never understood why they changed the base. My Nimbus Gel has a KH base and I would not be able to ride it long distance without the adjustable post.

I just changed from padded bike shorts to compression hockey shorts. They have padding on the hips and tailbone and none in the crotch. I find them more comfortable on the uni seat. Tight, slippery on the seat, no chaffing.
Try to get away from jeans or anything with thick seams.

Thank you for saving me the trouble of saying that myself. I also thought that mentioning the very specific kind of pain I’m experiencing might net me more useful information, faster, than using the search engine (or, for that matter, LMGTFY).

I also wanted to throw a few pennies into the cup and suggest maybe doing the “lift-and-scoop.” It’s common for unicyclists with external parts (of which I am one) to place too much weight on their balls/scrotum instead of actually resting your weight on your ischial tuberosities.

If you have the level of control, try riding a few pedals forward, rising off the seat briefly (by putting more weight on your feet), and literally scooping your genitalia forward a bit. If you aren’t yet to the point where you can shift your weight to that degree while riding, try doing it while static-mounting and make sure you’re fully adjusted before you take off.

It seems like a no-brainer, but seriously, the lift-and-scoop is an essential technique for any male unicyclist. Just treat it like a trick that the other half of the population can’t do. :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry if this seems like a thread hijack, but…
As a forum newcomer, with no sense of forum etiquette, why do people feel the need to comment with things like ‘use the search function’? I’d guess most people who post have tried the search function but haven’t found anything specific enough for their particular question. So many users of this site say things about encouraging new riders, getting others to try the sport and so on. Surely the number 1 thing you can do to keep people interested is be polite! If you don’t feel like answering a question, don’t. That would be far more helpful than saying ‘use the search button’.
Anyway, rant over. I’d suggest bike shorts if you don’t already use them. If you know other riders with different seats ask for a ride on their uni. Saddle choice is a personal thing, what works perfectly for me may seem like an instrument of torture to you. Sorry I can’t be of more help than that!

Wow, you even quoted me saying “on a serious note” after that ludicrous statement but still didn’t know that I wasn’t being serious. :astonished:

Killian’s question wasn’t really meant as a question. :stuck_out_tongue:

Someone asking a beginner question shouldn’t be given sarcastically false advice. You are under no obligation to respond to them at all.

As for the search function, perhaps you haven’t noticed but it is broken.

Yes, one can do a site-specific search with a search engine. Though sometimes information found that way is out of date, such as the belief that a KH adjustable post will fit a Nimbus saddle (today it won’t)

Is the volume of traffic on the forum volume really so overwhelming to you that repetition is an issue?