My opinion on freestyle and muni has changed...

I used to not care for Muni at all. Then I thought, wait…I’ve never tried it! From using my new Muni just around the dirt in the neighborhood, I’ve found there is no thrill like dropping off of a stump or rolling hopping over a big root. Before, freestyle and distance was it for me - and I didn’t want to change my style. Maybe I was too cautious, maybe just thought I was good at freestyle and didn’t want to have to re-learn, I don’t really know. Now that I have tried Muni, I’ve found it isn’t harder than freestyle, and many of my freestyle skills have come in handy for Muni. I’ve gotta tell you freestyle guys, give Muni a good try - and if you haven’t, then get ready to have a brand new hobby when you do try.

Sorry JSM, Chosen, Leo, and others — You’ve lost another Freestyler to Muni.
(I’ll still be doing freestyle, but Muni’s really got my intrest)


! :astonished: !

You didn’t even photoshop the picture… :roll_eyes:

its funny that you say that because before i started unicycling i saw MUni as like the coolest ever, and it prob still is my favorite. But now i got a distance uni and im looking into a freestyle uni in like a month or so which i origionally saw and kinda pointless, but now i see it as being totally awsome. Its funny how your views on things can change.

So does this mean we won’t see the freestyle colab video?:frowning:

Next thing you know you will be doing street, then trials.:stuck_out_tongue:

Unicycling should never involve “either/or” !! :wink: I got into unicycling because of muni, but I just ordered freestyle parts to fix up my broken Torker so that I can continue learning freestyle tricks.

when i started unicycling i didnt no muni was even real, so when i herd abou it i wasnt that fusseed sounded boring. Then i went on a muni thinngy with people from this forum and i loved it, it was ace, tiering but ace

i also like to ride my uni in the same style i skate, street, fast and most of the time painfull street

Tyler, you are too young to be old and set in your ways. Variety is good.

Fo sho - that’s why I added Muni to my resume!

Nope, infact I’ll be posting it later today.


actually man unicycling is all about being free and happy. so im glad for ya. can you handle the big drops that may come along with muni?

Absogoshdanglutely! It’s my cranks that might suffer… :wink:

Combine both distance AND muni!

But seriously, that’s great. Next up: trials? :astonished:

Tyler you should try some trials or street. Then get a bc wheel.

So are you going to moab now?

street is the best of all types… altho i would like to try Muni… never did it b4

I just invested $112.97 into this partly free Muni, so I don’t have any money right now. And my TV just fell off of it’s shelf while I was changing the VCR cord to my Gamecube cord, so that’ll be something the folks will spend more than enough money on. I think I’ll just get really good at Muni for now.

As for Moab, possibly. We’re going on a ski trip and staying in a really expensive condo plus really expensive ski lift tickets, so that may take up the non-existant “vacation-fund” for a few months. We might be able to fly down and combine it with visiting my grandparents who live near Logan, though. Begging will ensue. :wink: :wink: :wink: (WINK WINK WINK — I can just hear somebody coming along and calling me a spoiled brat… :roll_eyes: )

thats pretty cool, MUni is fun.
you’re really good at freestyle though, you should still practice it.

Oh to be (approximately) twelve again, and not find stuff like the above kind of obvious… :stuck_out_tongue:

that was rude Maestro.
and I know that many of us, including myself, do care.
so phbbbt!