My opinion on freestyle and muni has changed...

Maestro, you must have really cared or you wouldn’t have clicked on the thread, found that picture, edited my quote, and posted the picture. :slight_smile:

Aww, I think deep down Maestro really does care!

i think that deep down maestro is loser, and needs to be slapped. aggressively. maestro probably isnt a better unicyclist than tyler either. i wouldnt take him seriously for a second. i laugh in his face. :slight_smile:

you are right. i have repressed my loserness deep down inside myself… it is so deeply repressed that it never sees the light of day, nor even the dark of night. in fact, i can’t even remember the last time i lost something!

my inner loser is such a loser that he can’t even make it past my inner child. my inner loser couldn’t punch his way out of a wet paper bag… even if the paper bag had one arm tied behind it’s, er, bag. my inner loser couldn’t win a game of solitaire, even if he cheated.

my inner loser’s such a loser that he can’t stand hanging out with himself. the only thing my inner loser has ever succeeded at doing was losing. and he didn’t even do it very well. he’s a loser of a loser if you asked me.

i’m sure glad chuck norris hasn’t challenged me to a fight, 'cause he’d be in for a surprise. i just can’t lose!

edit: P.S. i still don’t care


I am SO saving that picture for future use. That made me laugh out loud. :stuck_out_tongue:



Yeah, nothing quite like an informed opinion, is there?

Are you saying that if your Inner Loser were to take part in an Ultimate Loser Showdown, it would come second?

i wasnt trying to be mean maestro. just dont be rude to tyler. hes too cool. its against the rules to try to slam him.

(Hope you don’t mind me stealing it).

archiving . . . .


How about NAUCC? Don’t forget NAUCC.

That was a great ride! You rode excellently for your first MUni ride and I’m not surprised you were knackered, you were on a 19"…I was absolutely cream crackered after that ride.

I’ve gone the opposite way to Tyler; I started just pottering about then got a trials, then a Muni and have only recently started appreciating freestyle.

Say no to unicycle genre discrimination!

i went from learning to Muni, to trials/street (i’m not good enough that there’s much of a distinction), and i’m toying around with freestyle. i need to buy one next though.

:smiley: i had fun i stillc ant put the faces to the names but oh well

me concur with jason, but i prefer the phrase “boundless apathy.”

Have you ridden a Coker in the woods yet? :slight_smile:

nothing to do with this thread…and i can say this freely because now i wont get negative rep…im in love with that avatar brian m. its fantastic!

thanks :slight_smile:

you have earned some theoretical positive rep

its a freeadless T-shirt if im correct