My name is Kenneth Bancroft

My name is Kenneth Bancroft (Keny Banks). I was born and raised in the small but lively town oh Nelson BC. Nelson is heavily populated by mountain bikers, and has the terrain to support it. This is what in part got me interested in Unicycle.

It began about 6 years ago at a private school I attended. The school had recently built a new gym and purchased new equipment for it. Some of that equipment, believe it or not were 3 unicycles. I was immediately drawn to the unfamiliar contraptions. I like most people had never seen a unicycle outside of a circus or street performance. I tried on several occasions to ride the unicycles. For the most part I failed, but did manage a couple of pedals; rather satisfying pedals if I may add. After leaving the school I began mountain biking, but often thought about my experience with the unicycles.

It was near the end of summer of that year when Victoria walking around the streets with my parents that my interest in unicycles would escalate. I saw a 20 inch trials unicycle with a fat tire. I couldn’t take my eyes off it; it was intriguing to say the least. Being 12 or 13 years old I didn’t exactly have the money to buy it, but I spent the rest of the summer wishing it was mine.

By the fall of that year I had convinced my parents into helping me buy a unicycle. At the time I was desperate to find a hobby, and mountain biking was not working out for me. So out of some fluke I was able to get a 24 inch Kris Holm signature addition unicycle. I had planned to get a MUCH cheaper one but it was the only one I could buy locally. So there I was with a high quality mountain unicycle and barley any ability to ride. In order to not look like a “poser” I tried my best to learn quickly. Every evening I would walk the unicycle to a nearby school and try, and try, and try to ride. I eventually figured it out and almost instinctually started trying to do drops and skinnies. I knew very little about the sport and what people were doing on unicycles. All I really knew was what mountain bikers could do, so I started heading in that direction (and still am). After about 2 months of riding I started going to the mountain bike trails, which in Nelson are steep and technical. Needless to say I walked down most of the trails at first, but still enjoyed it profusely.

That’s how it began, day after day; month after month, year after year I got better at trails. I rode almost exclusively with mountain bikers, so this kept my riding as fast as possible. I love going fast, hitting big drops and taking my unicycle down mountains I once thought would have never thought possible. I do ride street, but my passion is for freeride.

So here I Am, 18 years old and still riding my unicycle. I am now am started to venture out into the uniclcing world and community, as to up until this point, I have been isolated around mostly mountain bikers. If you are interested in the riding I do or have any questions/comments, feel free to message me.

More pics


Great pics ken, can’t wait to see more!

You are a beast, one or two of your videos were posted here a couple months ago. Awesome stuff.

Hey Kenny!

I love your vids on Kenny banks part 2 rocks, what is that Beck song? I have tried really hard to find out!

You have great skills and i am happy to see more muni riders making quality stuff, you should make a new vid. I wish I lived in the land of mountain bikers or at least somewhere in BC.

Good to see you here man


Wow Man. Intense stuff! 2 of the 3 Vids were VOD! Radical…

If ever I make out to BC again Ill Pm you or something… Im 10 times worst, but it would be fun to ride.

( I see im not the only one that uses an IRC Kujo )


I remember seeing those videos before and being simply amazed, especially those gargantuan drops! I would LOVE to have trails like that near me! :smiley:

Then move, whats tying you down? You only live once Terry and you are already half way done! :stuck_out_tongue:

haha, I wasn’t complaining, I love living by the beach! I just think his videos are awesome! There’s actually lots of great trails I can easily get to in a few hours time. San Diego, Santa Barbara, Ojai, Simi Valley, Orange county, Santa Monica mtns…I’ve ridden them all and love them all! But I wouldn’t have to “move” in order to try other places further out! SOUTH MOUNTAIN here I come!!!:smiley:

Most of ours are only 15 minutes away:)

Welcome to the forums!

Are you the guy that was in British Columbia Magazine? Your vids and was AMAZING!!

Keep Riding!

Welcome to the forums! I liked the 24’’ trials/street. The way you grinded that handrail look extremely dangerous/sketchy tho :stuck_out_tongue:

Great to see you on the forums after seeing your videos on Pink Bike well over 6 months ago. Amazing stuff. Would love to see more from you, it’s very inspirational !!

Thanks for the introduction! Someone found your videos and posted them awhile back, they are really amazing.

Awesome stuff. Looks like you really do have some extremely technical stuff there. It’s cool that you could own a KH as your first uni.

your really good, it’s nice to see more people getting into Muni

Keny! I saw you on PinBike a year or two back and was absolutely blown away. In my opinion, you’re one of the best muni riders there is.

Was wondering when you’d show up on the forums…

Hey Kenneth. I truly enjoyed the thrill of your rides on that MTB site. you bbes a MuniMutant!!!
BTW … that is a compliment.

hey man, sick muni. love to ride with you sometime.

Im living in Vancouver at the moment but may 16th 17th, im suppose to be doing a demo in whistler, maybe we could hook up and ride somewhere


Amazing riding. Some of the best stuff I’ve ever seen. I wish I was anywhere near your skill level. Oh well, I’m “only” 27, maybe I can learn a couple more things…