My KH26

I know there are other KH26 threads out there but I am proud of this and every time I look at it I smile, behold my KH26:

very nice, when did you get it?

I have been acquiring parts for awhile but I finished it last week

Awesome. The world needs more of these.

What are the specs?

kh29 frame
kh alloy post
qu-ax kh style seat (will change to CF when available)
doublewide rim
3.0 gazz
KH ti hub
KH post clamp
KH 125/150 dual hole cranks
Wellgo MG-1 Pedals

I think thats everything

do you think the surly large marge 26 inch with a endomorph 26x4.0 will fit in that frame?

yeah, it’s been done before. Although the real problem lies if you use a brake.

Wouldn’t you have to somehow make extra room widthwise inside the frame? It seems like there is barely any extra room with the 3.0

Looks sweet

Hey Jordan that is a nice looking cycle.

Nice build… you should be proud

Thanks guys, and I am pretty sure you can’t get an endomorph tire in that frame, I would love to so please send me pics if anyone knows otherwise.

I’m still lovin’ the 26"er … yours looks very yummy. How’s the climbing on 150s? I have the surly frame and if you can fit an endo in the KH I’ll be sorely disappointed because the surly frame is a lot more weight, but I love that big bouncy tire in the snow. Enjoy your awesome muni!

I am very confident on 150s for climbs, i took the dual hole cranks off of my 36er and I could conquer the hills in town on that. The Surly is a beautiful muni, do you have it setup with a LM? We get a lot of snow here and I will be riding this year round, I am excited.

You won’t get the Endomorph in there, but you can use a Large Marge Rim with a 3" tire. Someone here made some brake adapters for a setup like yours.

Thought so, The LM is tempting but pound for pound I am happy with the doublewide.

Jordan that is a beastly uni, I like it.

I wonder who’s is heavier, mine or yours

I have a heavier frame, post, pedals and hub with lighter cranks and rim.

Mine is a Yuni 26" Cro-Mo frame, with standard Cro-Mo post and a Nimbus ISIS hub laced into a echo 46mm drilled rim, echo 160mm cranks and snafu pedals.

Eventually I would like to get lighter pedals and put my wheelset in a better set of forks.

If anyone else is looking for a good strong and wide drilled 26" Muni rim you should ask HBtrials in Quebec if they have any 36 hole echo rims in stock. I think they might of ordered a few of them when I got mine.

and Jordan, have you seen my tutorial on studding a Duro for a winter tire? Studding one up is definitely the way to go for winter riding.

What kind of tire do you have on yours?

The doublewide rim is 885g
I am not sure what the Gazz is but the frame, alloy post and ti hub are ridiculously light. Just wait until I have a CF seat… I am going to pass on studding a tire, I have a couple smaller tires (2.35) I was planning on studding but the gazz offers lots of grip and it is never that icy here to begin with, I need more buoyancy than grip so I think the gazz will do nicely.

I thought that the doublewide rim was heavier, the echo drilled is only 19g lighter at 866g. I guess for lightness you win :slight_smile:

I ride Gazz for summer and studded Duro for winter. If you need any kind of boyancy I would not bother with studing a tire skinnyer than 3". I tried a 2.5" studded tire from my Xtracycle two years ago but the unstuded Gazz was better on most surfaces.

I would offer to send you my tire chains that I built up for my Gazz, they worked but they chewed up my sidewalls and I think I threw them out after getting and studding the Duro.


That uni looks soooo tough. I hope it isn’t hard to get a brake adapter (if that’s what you’re trying to do next)