New Muni and first muni ride ever. W/ photos

I started building this muni several months ago when Jordan, ‘’, suggested that instead of buying a stock Nimbus 26er, I should think about building something like he had planned; a few more

Nice ride, man. My stock Nimbus 26" ISIS MUni should be here soon. Can’t wait to do some MUni with you.

WHAT!? Perfect. That was oddly well timed. And you say it is a 26 as well?

When will you be back in Tottenham?

After exams at some point… Christmas-ish.

I would have had it earlier, but I hesitated and they went out of stock on Still waiting for it to get to Canada from Taiwan.
Also, I guess I lied a bit when I said stock. I got the Fusion Freeride and a brake mount. Putting my brake from my 36 on my 26.

What’s the advantage of using the 29er Nimbus frame over the 26"?

I have a Surly two-wheeler with 26" (559mm) rims and 3.7" tyres and the wheel diameter works out to 29 inches so I would have thought the two Nimbus frames would be very similar for tyre clearance etc, if not identical?

Wow, your unicycle is gorgeous.

You should buy an 07 or 08 KH29 frame from Darren, and get it powdercoated black or yellow, maybe even strip it. That would top it off for sure.

But, definatly a cool looking Muni, Levi !

What kind of camera were those photos taken with ?


Looks like fun.
Where did you ride when you took those photos, the Don Valley?

Thanks Isaac! I think I’ll pickup a KH36 before I buy a 29 because I think a 26 with the 3.0 duro nearly matches the diameter of a 29’ wheel with a road tire. But a geared 26 or 29… that would be nice.

Actually this is in the Cedarvale Ravine near my house. Don Valley is my next stop. Apparently Torontonians are uniquely lucky for having some decent single track right in the city.

How did you get those first pictures? Do you have a helicopter or something :thinking:

Ipounds- i think you mis understood itrals. He is suggesting you swap out the heavy cromo nimbus frame for a 29" KH one- not buy a whole new unicycle. I’ve seen someone on the forums do the same thing. He even got magura’s on there by using some nifty extender thng on the existing magura brake mounts. Maybe he will chime in.

OH! Yeah I did misunderstand. I ultimately would prefer a KH frame but I actually planned to upgrade to that later on, once I was more proficient off road.

The two things I was considering were:
Nimbus II 26" since it now has brake mounts
KH 29 and go sans brake forever

I don’t really want to have to buy a KH frame new, though…

I was riding in a Ravine with a bridge across it. My roomate took them

Isaac: It’s a Canon 30d, I think. Enjoying your SLR?

Forgot to mention that that was also my first ride with 661 4x4’s and Kris Holm Pulse gloves.

Both of which seem to be well made products. They fit great and seem to help give me a boost of confidence… which I guess could be good or bad.

I’ll see how the 26" frame works out for me. I think I pounced on the purchase after I learned about the brake mounts on it.

What size of 661s did you get? Did you go with the XL like I suggested? I’m currently using the large and they are not quite big enough. Usually they slip down from my knees during the ride.

YYYES! nice job man, great looking uni, now just move to nelson where the muni flows like wine and the women flock like the salmon of Capistrano.

I got large 4x4’s. I must have shorter shins than you. You can see in the second last picture that they do come up just above my knee cap.

Moving to Nelson, even if just temporarily, would be pretty cool. I am not ready for anything big yet, though. A lot of those inclines you see in the pictures were too steep for me to get fully up and over. How steep of a grade is too steep for you to climb?