My freestyle unicycle came today!!!

My XL 20" semcycle came today! woot! I ordered exactly a week ago from I will get some pictures as soon as i have put it together. I think i stripped one of the pedals but im not sure. :astonished:

Ok here is a picture.:slight_smile:


your shirt says flip jsut like in your name…

just like mine, but with 125s instead of 110s. it’s a sweet ride man, enjoy spinning like a top. Also, check into some grip tape ends at your local skate shop. I got enough to cover the crown for free since they’d just done some skateboards and fished em out of the trash for me. Definite awesome improvement in traction.

Also, the seat takes some getting used to, but I prefer it over a KH now. And don’t worry, the rubber is tough and can take a hell of a beating before bits of it start to crumble off.

Have fun! :smiley:

110s! im used to my 140s on my onza so im just learning how to adjust to 125s. Some tricks are easier on it, and some i will have to get used to. Hopping regular, and hop on tire are alot harder and so is gliding. But wheel walking, sideways wheel walking and coasting are easier (easier to do then on my onza trials). I havent tried tricks like unispins or stand up wheel walk on it yet, i want to get used to it a little more. Its pretty awesome though.

ya i have like 9 different flip shirts or something. its a skateboard company.

well, what are you doing on the computer??!!

go out there are ride that unicycle like there is no tommarrow!:smiley:

yea i know. i used to be a poser. its sad really i wore all the things i thought were cool that i didnt really do like quiksilver, birdhouse, element and stuff. sad days…

mmmm pretty