Freestyle Unicycle Questions


I think crank size really depends on your preference for riding. If you like tricks such as spins or pirouettes then smaller cranks are better because your pedals are less likely to hit the ground while leaning or spinning or whatever.

As for my thoughts on this unicycle for freestyle:
Frame: In my opinion, the frame clearance from the top of the wheel is way too high for freestyle, especially if you will be doing stand up tricks.
Tire: I have not tried the hookworm (so i dont know much about it) but for freestyle generally (at least i do) you want a tire with alot of grip to it (yet non-marking). The Primo “The Wall” tire is good.
Seat: The non-upgraded seat that comes (stock KH) i think would be too fat for freestyle. Something like a Nimbus/KH gel or off the like would be better.
Seatpost: For your question on the seatpost, I would say get a 350mm or 300mm, for freestyle you want a high seat to make wheel/stand up tricks easier.

My recommendation for a freestyle unicycle, is the upgraded XL 20" Freestyle from with ALL of the upgrades (except maybe the saddle upgrade. more of a preference thing though). I think with all the upgrades mine was $220 (including shipping) and it is a great freestyle unicycle. Read through this thread when i got a freestyle unicycle last August:

EDIT: A picture in this thread: My freestyle unicycle came today!!!. Since then, ive gotten a White primo “the wall” tire and i got a nimbus gel seat.

Hope that helped.