Freestyle Unicycle Questions

so has that exact one you showed? That is the one I want. I am not in Europe so I dont want the other thing you showed me

Whatever you prefer, on condition it is in stock.
Your next question (their stock), I can’t answer.
As the wider version fits very neat to the cron I’d like it better.
The smaller tire I’d like btter for more general (freestyle) purposes.

The pic in my post is the Semcycle XL freestyle (longneck).
At it’s availble worldwide.

ah thanks can you or somebody else give me the link to that specific unicycle because I can’t find it on the website.


I own both a 2.1 and 1.85 the wall, and I find the 1.85 way more manoeverable, I think it’s just the right width to have a circular contact patch. You will find both really easy to turn though, just depends on how many pirouettes you want to do :wink:

ok, hmmm, maybe a 1.95 tire like the hookworm would be nice for both?

Re: Freestyle Unicycle Questions

mornish <> writes:

> ok, hmmm, maybe a 1.95 tire like the hookworm would be nice for both?

My Hookworm was much less eager to pivot than the 1.95 Primo The Wall.
I havent tried the 2.1 Primo, but I would not be surprised if it still
pivots more easily than the Hookworm.

FWIW, my hookworm is black and the Primo white. The black rubber is
likely made with carbon black for longer wear and better wet traction.
It seems possible the difference could be due to the rubber instead of
other properties of the tires.


heres the link for miyata, they have some nice freestyle unis but they take a while to get and are fairly expensive

just for info the longneck nimbus frame fits the Lx seatpost.

A 1.95 is better for general freestyle purposes. More pressure in a 2.1 and some more technique (body movement), will do it’s job as well.

I always use two unicycles:

  • For all non-stand-up freestyle I like the semcycle pro as it is strong, durable and -to me- most important: comfortable.
  • For stand-up skills I use the “Semcycle XL Freestyle”.
    And as 1.95 is easier to make your manouvres, I have a 1.95 it on both, so they’re as much alike as possible.
    But on my stand-up unicycle, my next tire will be a 2.1 (I’ve tried it before).
    I will have easier and better wheel-contact at stand-up skills
    A wider tire will also provide more space for the steps of any non-stand-up wheel-walk variation.

Anyway, summary: if you want to do all kinds of freestyle on it, I suggest the 1.95 Pr1mo “the wall”.
Which -bytheway- was designed by Day Smith, a BMX flatlander in the team of Mat Hoffman for years.

Right now I temporaily have the Primo Comet on it. It’s 20" tire that can hold 8 bar! Riding that is a funny experience! But the profile is too slick.

i cant order from japan… i need a link to uni that leo showed me because it is in US

i found one on that looks like it but it doesnt have a flat crown… its angled about 45 degrees from what it looks like

wait is the one on the semcycle xl with the upgraded frame?

The picture I included before is the Semcycle XL Freestyle,
the one with the ‘angled fork ‘crown’’ is the Semcycle Pro.
I use both for years now, for me they’re the best.

i think i am gunnu go with the semcycle xl with upgraded frame because it looks llike it sounds like it doesnt have much clearence

um, I couldn’t find the longneck freestyle on the site :thinking: