Best FREESTYLE uni under 200$?

That looks like the Nimbus X. :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

He is from America so he’s talking US$ not AU$.

Definatly this one. Infact I would say that it is the best freestyle uni on UDC.

ya i would say spend the extra money for the nimbus II

does any1 know where i can get a qu-ax profi or luxus in the US?

I’d say get the Semcycle XL from That’s what mine is and it is $165 or $180 I think (you would have to check). Mine was $220 including shipping but I got all the upgrades with it (tire, pedals, seat, frame, etc…). It’s a great uni. You can see a picture of it in this thread from when I first got it. (The seat in the picture is a semcycle seat, but i would suggest getting a KH/Nimbus gel)

The unicycle I postet has the same frame and is nearly the same then the unicycle skateflip postet. It is not the same as the nimbus x (for example the Nimbus X has a round crown).

The Nimbus X does not have a round crown, they just recently redesigned the frame and its perfect for freestyle now. I definitely say get the Nimbus X, hands down. It’s definitely an awesome uni for the price.

EDIT: I guess you meant round tubing not a round crown. I still however definitely suggest the X.


This one has an alum frame, is almost a pound lighter then the nimbus.
No powder coat, ss spokes though. If you are small for one year of age, maybe light is right. Especially if they let you upgrade the seat.

NO UNICYCLE NEEDS TO BE LIGHT, ESP NOT FREESTYLE! Will you please shut up with the light shit? It is really annoying

rant over…until next time, mwhahahahaha

For that jump up and spin the uni under you trick

The lighter the bike the easier it is to start and stop in a small period of time.
I was really just trying to make a joke about how he said he was 1. Weight is important in a free style uni, but yeah right…only if you are good enough to do free style tricks.

how does one pound make that much of a difference? Do you even know what one pound weighs? It is nearly nothing. If you are good enough, weight doesnt matter.

I don’t even think you know what your talking about.

in general, a lighter unicycle is easier to do tricks on, but 1 pound won’t make much of a difference, and you should be able to do the trick on any unicycle, no matter the weight.

wheel size and crank size make way more of a difference for starting and stopping, and for freestyle you normally don’t even have to do that much. The entire point of freestyle is to be smooth and flowy.

edit: that frame looks like it would snap really easily, and it’s round crowned, those are two aspects you don’t want in a freestyle uni.

also, why on earth would they have the post size be 26.8? no other posts are that size that I know of.

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High school physics lesson

Every force acting on an object is opposed by an equal and opposite force.
This means that when a rider jumps in the air and puts tourqe on the uni, spins it 360 and lands on the petals, it is even harder then it seems. If the uni were weightless, anyone with modest practice, could jump, spin it around once or three times. You would land facing the same direction as you did when you jumped. Now why it’s hard.
When a 100 lb. rider jumps straight up and spins a 10 lb uni 360 under him , the uni trys to spin the rider 36 degrees! It does not matter how strong the rider is or how talented. If the uni weighs only 5 lbs. it would spin the rider only 18 degrees. To do a 360 and land on the uni pedals, one must compensate not only for the resistance of the uni’s weight to be spun… but also the uni’s spinning of the rider ! So the harder tricks you do, the more important the uni’s weight!
It is this same problem that mandates that fine race cars or motorcycles be made not just strong, but light. Surely you must have known.

I’m not selling ax’s

Maybe the nimbus is better. It could be better made, stronger. Certainly it has a better seat. My point wasn’t that the ax wins by a pound. Weight is something an expert already knows about. The lighter the beginner, the more I think they would appreciate a lighter ride.
As far as the seat tube diameter, thats because they are alum. Alum tubes need more diameter to get the best weight strenth compromise then steel does.
You see the same thing in motorcycle frames. Steel frame tubes are skinnier. The KH alum tubes are 27mm. It’s part of light design to change design shape to match with the materials unique properties.

Open your physics book and restudy the chapters on Newton’s laws,torque, and circular motion.

Once the rider is in the air and applies a force to spin the uni, the uni applies the same force to spin the rider in the opposite direction. Since the rider weighs significantly more than the uni, the rider doesn’t rotate much. If the uni is lighter it will do some tricks more easily esp. like uni spins and crank flips (mainly wheel weiight).

They make tubes out of alluminum and steel? :astonished:

:angry: tubes are made of rubber. What planet are you from?

The AX would be bad for freestyle because like Miles said, it has a rounded crown.

The Nimbus X has a “flat crown” (side to side), but it is ‘rounded’ (front to back). I think a completely flat crown, like the other one posted earlier or one like the Semsycle.

Would a frame like a Yuni or Nimbus II be better? Nimbus on UDC says the Nimbus II style is better for foot on frame tricks because it tilts the foot inwards. Which is better?

Edit: as far as strength the Nimbus X should be fine for everything as long as it’s flatland.

they bith have thir advantages, i have a nimbus two frame on my trials uni and i HAD a torker lx with the flat crown frame and i would say that they both work equally well HOWEVER nimbus 2 syyle frames tend to be stronger

of course freestyl eunicycles are supposed to be light.

you seriously do not know what you are talking about.