My Dream Unicycle and Equipment/Accessories

Kris Holm ISIS Trials, $795 (

KH Percussion Leg Armour (
661 Elbow & Forearm Protection (
KH Grey Pulse Gloves (
661 Wrist Straps (
661 Dirt Lid Helmet, Black (
Ankle Protection, Model T2 (
20" Uni Stand ( Metal Keychain (
Unicycle Caution Patch (
Bumper Sticker, Beware of the UNICYCLIST (
One wheel is better- Tshirt (

:smiley: Well here’s my dream list. :smiley:
Nimbus 36 with Knightrider tyre (
SixSixOne 2x4 Elbow and Forearm Armour (
SixSixOne 4x4 Knee and Shin Armour (
SixSixOne Wrist Wrap (
HAVOC helmet Rosebank.
iUni T-shirt Ducttape link.

Extra stuff for my own amusement.
Dube Devil Sticks (
Hokey Spokes (
Safety Vest ( Metal Keychain (
Penny-Farthing Model (
Unicycle No Parking Sign (

My current N36 with t7/ airfoil- but with KH/shlumpf isis hub and dual drilled moment cranks. Oh…i guess some life insurance wouldn’t go to far astray.

Dream Uni

KH 29" with isis schlumpf hub

I have a Nimbus Pro Nightrider 36 on order.

Wouldn’t it be so fine if an unicyclist engaged to be married could open a gift registry account at !! It sure beats buying dishes. It would be even better if his/her fianceé didn’t mind!

Hey … how about it!

KH36 frame
KH Geared Hub
125/150 or 137/165 double-drilled cranks (ordered both :P)
Nightrider tire (a pound lighter than my TA!)
New Nimbus Stealth Pro rim (a tinge lighter than my Airfoil)
Some random brake (who cares, if it works)
WORKING Speedometer/odometer

and w00t! I’ve already ordered the hub and cranksets, will be getting the frame soon, got my brake, T7, KH seat already… will be good to go except for the nightrider!

You guys need to reach for the stars in your dreams!

Give me a 29er with a continuously variable transmission built into the hub, wirelessly controlled from my handlebars. I’d also love an auto-inflation system that’d allow me to air my tire up or down on the fly.

Give me a seat with maglev capability that allows my a$$ to hover ever so slightly above its surface. I don’t care if I need magnetic chode implants for this, I’ll do it!

Give me a handlebar that, at the flip of a switch, goes from “silly putty” consistency to rock-solid, so that I may re-mold it as I please from day to day. I know there’s some polymer out there that would fit the bill!

While we’re at it, could I have a frame that emitted enough light that I could see my way on the trails?

We’ve already covered the topic of adjustable-length cranks. Just give 'em to me in the remote-control form.

Make the whole package weight about 10 lbs., tops. I’ll make it easy… it doesn’t have to fold for storage or transportation.

As for accessories, I’m happy with my skate-style helmet, KH gloves and Fox armor. Just make 'em a little more breathable, eh? Of course, one of those $1k helmet-mounted lamps wouldn’t hurt.

Heheheh, I assumed we were sticking to currently existing, available production hardware. :slight_smile:

I think the nimbus X street unicycle has got everything pretty much covered in it’s standard setup. If I had the money that’s what I’d go for.

Iv’e got some six six one knee and shin pads but I find them a bit bulky so generally I just go for some small shin pads.

Mine dreamunicycle (20" Trials):

Saddle : KH Fusion Street (Black-Black)
Seatbase : CF base
Seatpost : K124 CrMo
Clamp : Koxx-One clamp (White)
Frame : XTP Frame(Powercoated White)
Cranks : KH Moments 137mm
Pedals : Odyssey JC pedals
Hub : KH Moment ISIS(Powercoated White)
Spokes : Sapim Spokes(Wide Spokes-Black)
Rim : Koxx-One Drilled (White)

Mine dreamunicycle (36" Distance):

Nimbus 36" with Selfmade handle ,Airfoil rim and a KH fusion Freeride saddle.


My version of maestro8’s “dream”:

No paralysis.

Continuously variable splined hub.

On the fly adjustable full suspention. Crank the rebound damping down for riding and drops, then way up for jump height.

Powerful, but not too grabby brakes.

Wallis seat w/ ambidextrous handle.

Strong, light frame.

Lots of carbon fiber and rare, light metals.

The semi-real world:
A profesional grade EMS unit (looking at one for $1000) or EMS 40000R (I missed out on a 400R for $80 on e-bay :angry: )
-for the paralysis in my legs

Trials: KH 20 w/ Onza cranks.

Muni: KH (24/26?)
rim - 47mm or LM?
geared hub and 150 & 165 cranks,
Wallis saddle
Thompson post
Kona Wawa pedals

Hopefully to be explained more in my uni challenge vid.

My dream setup off the top of my head.(I don’t even know if all these are compatible) notice that the green I’m thinking of is a lime green.

frame : triton trials(black)
seat post clamp : Primo Viking(green)
seat post : thompson(black)
seat : custom kh street so that it has more padding but still slim(custom green)
hub : kh(green)
spokes : whatever’s good(black)
rim : Alex DX32(i think thats the one i’ve heard good things about)(green)
tire : try-all
cranks : kh 127(black)
pedals : twisted plastic with pedal protector(green)
cf base

price~$1100(that is actually probably $100-$200 to low)

Here’s mine.

Essential spec:

  • Hub: Schlumpf/KHU Geared Hub
  • Frame, tyre, rim: Surly
  • Cranks: KH Dual 137/165mm
  • Pedals: Mounty DH-Grip Pedale
  • Seat: KH Fusion Street/Trial
  • Break: Magura HS33

That must be a 26"?
Do you commute on it?

Officially it is 26", yes. Nevertheless, outer diameter of the wheel a little over 29".

Yes, I want to use it for commuting. I got that uni last week. So there was not yet much time to spend on it.

I just wondered how the Endomorph would do on other the off-road. I wouldn’t think it would do to well on paved roads.

I’d love to hear a report.

Here’s my dream uni:

The endomorph is doing quite well on paved roads, provided it has enough pressure. So you may want to inflate or deflate it somewhat if you change from offroad to asphalt or vise versa. For road riding I use about 35psi, for offroad riding, I deflate it to about 15 to 20psi. For me that worked quite well up to now. But, as mentioned below, I don’t have too much experience by now.

On the endomorph road behaviour: you need to get used to it, as it feels a little bit wobbly, especially when turning. I think that is the result of the enormous width of the tire, as it takes a lot to tilt it. After an hour or two on that tire it feels quite ok, and there’s not too much friction when riding. With one exception: the tire will slow you down in curves.

BTW: is there any special intention in Surly way to name their parts? Just look at my unicycle: I now have a surly conundrum with an endomorph smurf (that’s the meaning of the German term Schlumpf; in that case of course it’s just the last name of Florian Schlumpf, the builder of the hub) in the middle. I am lucky, most of my mates don’t now about the naming, or at least don’t know the meaning of that vocabulary.

My dream flat set up

i know this is an old thread but i like to wake up old ones every now and again.

Saddle: KH street
Seat post: KH 2010
seatpost clamp: Koxx one double bolt Black
Frame: Qu Ax Debut aluminum frame White
Tire: shaved try all stiky
Rim: drilled KH with no rim tape
Hub: Koxx one Light
Spokes: KH black
Cranks: KH moments 110mm with rollos
pedals: twisted PC plastic chameleon purple

Dream Muni!

This is my dream Muni, I gotta dream somemore.

Is a very old thread but this is the uni im working on when my new job comes in March:

Addict Seat
CF Base
Pit Fighter Seatpost
Triton Frame…

And the wheel set im not really sure but tell me what you think would be better:

Option one:
KH Ti Hub
KH Rim

Option two:
K1 32 hole hub
Echo SL 32 whole rim

Machined Moments
Some Type of Mag/Plastic pedal
Try-All Tire

Its going to be between $1000-$2000 :wink: