My Dream Unicycle and Equipment/Accessories

It would be fun to see that muni in person. Perhaps next Saturday at 10 AM will work?


I just need a Triton frame on mine(and wait until my KH Ti hub gets here) and I have my dream Trials setup. Triton frame wont be before a long time though:p

Saddle: KH street yellow
Seat post: KH 2009
seatpost clamp: No-name single bolt
Frame: Triton (right now I got a KH longneck(2005))
Tire: Monty 2.7
Rim: 09 Drilled KH yellow
Hub: KH Ti 08
Cranks: Tensiles
pedals: Welgo Mg-1 (right now I got Mg-4, the Mg-1 looks cooler)

Next Saturday

At the risk of reprimand from MAESTRO8 for wrong thread posting.


NEW, less weight wheel.


 After rumaging around in my garage I came up with this wheel modification for the street. I weighed it at just under 2lbs. 

What does a wheel for street usually weigh?