MUnidoccia week 2014 day 1 and 2

Good Day Everybody! :smiley:

MUnidoccia week 2014 was organized in October 13 - 19.
Venue - Turkey, Cappadocia.

Filmed by me - Sergey Gudzlovenko aka HudsonAktau
Edited by me as well.

I hope you will like it! =)

Our MUni team was:

Sergey Gudzlovenko
Yelena Gudzlovenko
Yuliya Dzhumanazarova
Stanislav Matveyev
Dmitriy Romanov
Dmitriy Bibichkov
Dmitriy Pankov

Full report about this trip you can find here (in Russian only but you can use google translate to read it in your language).

Hi HudsonAktau :slight_smile:

Lovely scenery and lots of neat ( and scary) unicycle riding by you guys.
I can watch this video over and over again, it’s that good.
Thanks for all your effort in making such a cracking video.

Just read your write up Sergey,
Sounds like you had fun and packed a lot into that week. :slight_smile:

Thank you very much for such awesome words! I was trying hard to make it (just learning how to edit vids).

Yes, I was planning this trip like Cappadocia overview, MUni and fun trip. But something changed in action. Anyway - everybody happy with that adventure and want more :slight_smile:

Great landscape and riding…want more!!!

Whoah. A muni video in which the riders are upstaged by the location…amazing geology in the place! :astonished:

Thank you! I hope edit next one today.

This first to days - we just heating up :o
One of the reasons to go there is landscapes - your mind is relaxing because cant see any staright lines and buildings. We were living in caves (with shower but caves) :slight_smile:

Fantastic vid, Sergey! Great scenery, and great riding!

Awesome video!! Fantastic riding and as the others have said incredible scenery. One suggestion I’d like to see a name/caption under the rider so I could put a face with a name. You guys and gal have some great riding partners. Keep the videos coming and Thanks for sharing.

Thank you very much!!! :smiley:

Thank you very much! I will try to put names in today’s edit. Or I will post photos here with names :slight_smile: I have a lots of pictures…

BTW what do you think - should I post next videos here or create new thread?

I would say a new thread so we don’t miss it!


Here you go with names. Tried in video - I dont like what I got…

Sergey Gudzlovenko is me
Stanislav Matveyev is hardcase here :slight_smile:

Your missing a wheel and a name. Sorry had to do it! That is great. Thanks for taking the time to explain who is who. Now back to making that second video.:smiley:

Ooooops… And one more person - my wife Yelena :slight_smile: She is our photographer and always behind the camera (same as I on videos).

Wow, thats truly amazing! Great riding, great scenery. Must have been a really amzing trip. Thanks for the great videos!