Freewheel & UW Downhill: Russian Winter Unicycling

Filmed in Kolomenskoye, Moscow, Russia, 21st of December 2014 with some fails from Bitsa Park, December 7th.
Filming: Ilya Romanenkov, Anna Smirnova, Stas Matveev
Riding: Dima Bibichkov (freewheel), Ilya Romanenkov (ultimate wheel), Stas Matveev, etc
Editing: Dima Bibichkov
Music: Rush - Freewill

See also: our Cappadocia muni videos by Sergey Gudzlovenko: days 1-2, 3-4, 5-6 and Turkey overview with some nice crashes, balloon flight, etc…

Awesome!!! I can’t wait to build my fat tire freewheel in January for snow riding!! This video makes it look so much fun.

Wow! Thats really amazing! I would not belive it if I had not seen it.

Wow, the downhill freewheel parts are amazing!

This is video with the same actors. Here are a few downhill freewheel, fat unicycles and a lot of russian winter! :slight_smile:

Hello Dima

Any drawings or instructions on how to build the freewheel hub?


Hello Chickenfeet!

  1. Buy it
  2. ???

Great Vids love the freewheel stuff

This makes me miss the snow!