MUnidoccia week 2014 day 5 and 6

Third video about our Cappadocia MUni week! :smiley:

First video was posted [B]here[/B].

Second video was posted [B]here[/B].

MUnidoccia week 2014 was organized in October 13 - 19.
Venue - Turkey, Cappadocia.

Filmed by me - Sergey Gudzlovenko aka HudsonAktau
Edited by me as well.

I hope you will like it! =)

Our MUni team was:

Sergey Gudzlovenko
Yelena Gudzlovenko
Yuliya Dzhumanazarova
Stanislav Matveyev
Dmitriy Romanov
Dmitriy Bibichkov
Dmitriy Pankov

Full report about this trip you can find here (in Russian only but you can use google translate to read it in your language).

Another great video.:slight_smile:
Lovely scenery and Iā€™m glad the sun came out.

Neat editing, thanks for sharing.

Thank you! Happy you like it :slight_smile: