more 29er Muni

Next I’m grabbing my 24 and my video camera and heading for some more technical terrain. Enjoy!

There were already some really technical parts in there. I liked it a lot. Looking forward to your 24" vid :wink:

Nice. Go faster next time!

The go faster is coming from an inexperinced muni rider of course. Biggest wheel i’ve ever rode is a 28" and that was only for a little while. Nice riding just be nice if there was a little bit more speed. :smiley:

Nice video, some great looking terrain there, and stunning views too.

Very well done video, good music, and excellent riding! Enjoyed it very much. I haven’t seen many 29" Muni videos, yours is pretty unique I’d say.

28" ???

Thanks everyone for the positive feedback. Making a muni video is a lot of work.

Nice video Andy! Really packed with a lot of good rocky sections.
I particularly liked the swivel at 1:12, the flowers at 1:26, and the unique line choice at 2:08.

I kind of like the slower methodical approach to the technical bits. Riding a large wheel slowly can be difficult too, and even if not going faster than a quick 24" rider I think the higher clearance of the 29er leads to some interesting tight squeezes on those trails.

Same rim as a 29er (700c) but with a smaller semi-slick tire.

Yes, I tend to swivel my way through tight spots instead of hopping. We had an excellent year for wildflowers in the desert this spring due to lots of rain this winter. What you don’t see at 2:08 is the tree that my upper body is going through, any further over, and I would have been stuck!

As far as speed, some of the sections I filmed have lots of rocks and turns which make it hard to get going really fast. I didn’t film some of the less technical sections where I get up a good head of steam. I also find it hard to get into a good rhythm when filming. On a normal ride, I blast down this trail, get in a groove, and really get moving. It is hard when you are filming, because you are constantly stopping, getting setup, running up the trail riding down a small section, packing up, and repeating many times.

A much better vid than the last of yours I saw.:slight_smile:

That doesn’t make sense.
Do you mean the crevice your wheel would have been stuck in?

Well the crevice might have been an issue, but there is a small (and thorny) tree hanging over the trail. I had to ride through some of its branches and would have encountered more of the branches over to the my left where the line looks easier.

I upgraded my video editing software. The other software that I had was hard to use, and couldn’t even add an audio track.

I have a little Aptek video camera. It isn’t wide angle at all, which makes it hard to place for filming. Wondering what kind of gear other muni filmers are using.

Cool, I liked how you did the begining and the filming at 2:20.

The creek in the opening is the turnaround spot on the first trail in the video. We had lots of snow in mountains this winter, so it is flowing good. I was splashing that nice cool water on my head to cool off. Summer heat is starting to make its arrival.

what is your crank length?

I ride 150’s for 29 and 24.

In the spirit of “bringing back muni”, I wanted to spread the idea of how fun it is to ride a 29 on somewhat technical trails. I love my 24 too, but the 29 is a different experience for sure.

I see now. The branch is just barely out of the frame.

This time it looks like your riding faster than the first time I watched it.:slight_smile:

You don’t need the high RPMs that are required for a 24 to maintain a good pace. I think that makes it look slower, plus I ride toward the camera a lot, which also makes things look slower.