Marathon Record

Just wondering does anyone know what the marathon record is?
and what unicycle was used/what unicycle are you allowed to use?

what are you counting as “marathon”. George Barnes, his cousin Aaron, and Kia Martin have all made it across Iowa in a week. ~500 miles.

A marathon is defined as:
A long distance event based on an ancient Greek event, run over a distance of just over 26 miles
think its 26.4miles if i remember rightly

I think Christian Hoverath and Frank Bonsch did the Dusseldorf Marathon around the 1hr40-45 mark. Do a search- it should come up.

I’ve not done the marathon distance specifically, but I have done 50km in 2hrs with a Coker/102mm cranks. I wanted to do our local marathon but only runners were allowed to enter.


Re: Marathon Record

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>I think Christian Hoverath and Frank Bonsch did the Dusseldorf Marathon
>around the 1hr40-45 mark. Do a search- it should come up.


That´s true, in 2004 the time for the Duesseldorf Marathon was 1:42:33
and for the Guetersloh City Classics (an inline skate marathon that I
was allowed to do by unicycle) was 1:41:15.

No good results for this year - currently working too hard on my Ph.D


a marathon is 26.2 miles. it’s traditionally done running, not cycling, I haven’t heard of very many cycling races that are marathons…more common are 50K I think, which are about 31 miles, or 100K which are 62 miles.

A marathon is 26 miles, 285 yards I believe. It’s not based on a metric distance either, but started as 26 miles and later had the 285 yards added on so the fininsh line would be in front of the royal box at an Olympics about a hundred years ago. Not sure about the 285 but I think that’s the right number.

They have been racing marathons in Japan for 20 years, but mostly on 24" wheels with various sized cranks. Unfortunately I don’t know the times.

I know Floyd Beattie did a marathon in 1986 or so in 1:58 on his Tom Miller big wheel (40" or 45").

It sounds like 1:40 is a good mark to shoot for. This event is also scheduled as part of Unicon 13. It will be the first-ever full marathon at a Unicon. It’s got me thinking about bringing my Coker…

Is that for real? That’s awesome! I was a bit disappointed at Unicon 12 that they had a 10km road race and called it a marathon.

They need to increase the MUni distances too. An 8min sprint is not MUNI IMHO.

what gizmoduck just said is why i asked about what he was defining as a “marathon”. I know the history, etc. he’ll i’ve run in a few half marathons. there’s also “ultra-marathon” bike races. stuff like 300 miles, or 150 miles offroad. stuff that takes 24+ hours to finish, if you make it that far.

With all the buzz about 'guni’s, and this call of a full Marathon (presumably unlimited wheel size) at Unicon13, will a Schlumpf 29 or 36 be the effective limit on what’s worth entering with?

Will the top of the field in the Unlimited road races - 10k, marathon - be dominated by those who can afford the shinier kit, or will standard cokers still be in the running?


Marathon (42.195km) at UNICON in Switzerland

Yes, at UNICON XIII we will be having both a 10km (Standard + Unlimited) and a real Marathon (42.195km, Unlimited only).
Bringing along at least a 28" uni is a good idea.

Checkout the Schedule of Events at
This PDF lists all competitions for the 11 days of UNICON XIII.

Further on Florian Schlumpf will sponsor 5 GUnis for the fastest riders over 10km and the Marathon. See

Best wishes,

Not sure what the Christian Hoverath time was, but I’m sure it was faster than Floyd Beattie’s. The road race naming has been fixed for the 2006 IUF Rulebook. 10k is now called 10k, and Marathon is the name applied to the Olympic-length event. Road races of other distances are possible, but it’s up to hosts to plan them. This might require people to assist the hosts by offering to run them/set them up. The job of assembling a big even like Unicon is huge, and finding all the facilities and locations can be a problem.

Agreed. I’d consider it a MUni sprint, but not a true cross country race. But in the case of Unicon 12, they had to take what they could get. They had a heck of a time finding a suitable location for the MUni events, and I think we’re lucky they persevered and found that beautiful resort. Though it was a 3-hour bus ride, it was definitely one of my favorite days in Japan. MUni is still relatively unknown in Japan, and very much not a part of what they ususally do for competitions. Hence the small number of Japanese competitors that day.

Marathon: a running race over 26 miles, 385 yards (42.195 km).

According to popular mythology, after the Athenians won the battle of Marathon, a runner was despatched to take the good news to the city of Athens. He ran the whole distance, delivered the good news, then dropped down dead.

In a later version of the story, the runner stopped for a pee in the full view of the world’s media who filmed it, broadcast it and then hypocritically criticised the runner for peeing so publicly.

Agreed likewise. I’m glad they organised one, and it was my favourite day too. However, I would think that a World Champs and Convention really HAS to have MUni and Trials. It is the fastest growing branch of unicycling :slight_smile: . And by that token, they should NOT be catering for non-MUNI riders so that they can try it for the first time at a World Champs/Convention. I think that was one of the reasons it was so short. Anymore than I’d expect the freestyle competition to be made easier for MUNI riders by being run on dirt.