Machined out moments

Once upon a time on here, someone had machined out most of the inside of a set of moments. Could someone post a link to thread or a picture?


Were these the ones you are talking about?

I had them until quite recently. Great cranks, only reason I sold them was my switch to all outboard disks.

I thought they were mentioned elsewhere but you might have to do a search of lunicycle’s posts for more info, unless the info was in PMs.

The ones I’m thinking of were machined all the way through.

…and broke. I remember them too.

I am supposed to be studying but found the cranks

That’s them, thanks!

Go study!

Another full thread about drilling Moments.

I don’t find the broken Moment that where drilled through with big drilling marks…

Christian Brink rides a set of almost completely drilled out moments. Not just holes but the entire sides. He rides some pretty hard street and they are still going strong. They have gone through 2 or 3 urban riders from what I understand and now he owns them

Here is a video of him riding on them, they appear to take quite a beating.


He doesn’t hop as much and has smoother landings than most I see in vids so that’d make them last longer.

If machining, I think that’s the way to go.

He broke them last year while filming for Renowned Series Street Special. Actually on a handrail to rev out.

Will Riley rode them for a while, someone else as well and lastly Christian Brink rode them for quite a while before braking them… and he does big street stuff.

Moments are VERY strong, you can remove a lot of material before they become weak.

I found the pics and details about the completely machines out Moment cranks that broke. I was on Muni Or Burst’s blog :smiley:

Just for the fun of it, I attach his pic (as found on the blog). For more details about the modification and use after, see the blog directly.

I did not go too overkill on mine, and they’ve been holding up alot for a long time! They are now on my trials uni. Still straight! :slight_smile:

They are 137mm Moments, the holes are 3/4". These were not really “machined”, I consider them drilled :stuck_out_tongue: The holes aren’t really straight, I did that before I had any tooling skills haha.

I also drilled mine a couple years ago, but the holes are a bit smaller.


After seeing what KH cranks can withstand, I think I’m going to start buying only KH products.

Injecting the pic :wink:

I need to know how you do that? It used to be easy a few years back, now I can’t figured it out :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks! :slight_smile:

You have to go advanced, then “manage attachments”, but anything over 800 pixels in either direction wont take. You have to manually edit the pic before uploading. I think an image hosting site is a bit easier, and imgur has multiple sizes to choose from for each image. “Huge Thumbnail” works quite well for the forums. : )