London UK Uni-Meet. It's happening again!

Myself and Joe Hodges have decided that it’s time for another gathering in London. The dates can be one of four days:

21st saturday
22nd Sunday
28th saturday
29th sunday (all October dates)

Meeting spot is near the London eye by some sloped dark walls, directly opposite the Shell Centre. Anyone’s welcome to join us, I’d actually encourage you come along if you can. Though its mainly an urban trials/street kinda thing, I’m sure keen photographers, freestylists and Muni riders will have plenty to do as well…

I’ll get a final suitable date when people start posting, tell me when’s suitable for you, and I’ll arrange stuff… so far, myself, Joe Hodges, Steve (afro guy)and his friend Brendan will be there.

I’m expecting you guys to turn up :wink: :
Mike Penton
Mike (swarbrim)
domesticated ape
Dave (kington)
Eddbmxdude & Leo Hawkes
More details to come soon…


I think there’s a SWUM on the 21st, which quite a few of the riders you mentioned will probably be at. I’m thinking about doing an MTB orienteering thing (on the muni of course) on the 22nd, but I’m not sure about it yet.
The weekend after I might not be around either, so I’ll have to wait and see what date is best for everyone else before I can say whether or not I can come.

I need to think about this, but I believe that half-term (for us students :p) is from the 21st sat to the next sunday 29th. Just throwing that out there for you guys.


Well atleast 4 of your list are very likely to be at SWUM on 21st Oct, especially as 3 of them live, relatively, close to SWUM.

DA and I are already committed to a different ride on the 22nd, assuming I get up in time after returning from SWUM.


Re: London UK Uni-Meet. It’s happening again!

“Sponge” wrote in message …
> Myself and Joe Hodges have decided that it’s time for another
> in London. The dates can be one of four days:
> 21st saturday
> 22nd Sunday
> 28th saturday
> 29th sunday (all October dates)

At the moment any of those days are good for me, but the sooner you can
pick a day the better as it gives me enough time to plan ahead a bit


first weekend’s no good for me, the second may be better (unless I go to the Coup de France in Nantes, but that’s doubtful at the moment)

It’s a good social event, well recommended!

Cool. The last London ride inspired me to get a trials uni, but I haven’t had much opportunity/time to ride it yet so I’d definitely be up for it. & any of those dates is fine for me.

Why not bring the freestyle GK? There’s plenty of flat space on the South Bank for skills practice or just cruising around.


Im well up for this! The last meet rocked, even though me and Leo had to leave early! Im in the process of building a lovely new trials uni at the mo so should be ready for about then. 28th or 29th would be better as I would have been paid on the 25th, otherwise I don’t know if I would be able to afford it.

GK, its not about how good you are, no one minds if you are not as good as Joe! Its a great social event, a good chance to get to meet and talk to a few other unicyclists and just genrally chill out.

I will get hold of AJ as im sure he would love to come along aswell.

Rock on!

I know, that’s why I said about the flat space! Of course you don’t have to bring a uni, but if you are going to go anyway you might as well bring one just to cruise around on. I don’t think I could bear to be around other unicyclists for half a day and have nothing to ride on.

If you are worried about riding it in public, don’t forget that if you are hanging around with all the other unicyclists everyone will be looking in your direction anyway, so you might as well be riding too!

Please do it on the twenty eigth casue I’ll be back in England then. Also, can anyone lend me a Uni.


If I come I’ll bring a spare 24 Muni, I’ll post when I know I’m coming!

Amanda, we’ll meet in the morning around 10-11 'o clock near the London Eye. Bring Mike and Lucas.

Call me on 07841716013 if you’re lost that day. I think I’ll set the ride to the 29th Sunday? That sound good?

and gkmac, the main thing about this is that it’s a social event, what I find is that a lot of south-UK unicycle events are always juggling shows of some sort with little interaction with some unicycle sports like street, trials, muni etc… So this is more of a pure unicycling thing. To be honest, it’s worth coming to take photos, practice trials (learn some off Joe!) as it’ll definitely help XC riding get more creative. Do drops, ride down stairs, start hopping on small stuff? Why not? :roll_eyes:

sponge m8 u have never been to a south west uni meet, theres usually about 3 jugglers and they dont exactly dominate the hall lol, serious why dont you lot come up for the south west meet n then mayb stay around mine then we could go to mount hawk the next day but mayb too street for you 2

i might try and get there no guarantees long way for us long to go even to beat Joe in an impromtue trials comp lol hahaha

I’m quite tempted to trek over for the day if it’s on the 29th… I don’t think I’ve been to London since a playing-around-on-unicycles day with Joe M and Joe R several years ago, but that was ace.

I wouldn’t worry about not being a trials god, GK; I haven’t ridden a trials unicycle for years so I’ll probably be in “taking lots of photos, riding a bit and generally just making the place look busy” mode… :slight_smile:


Yay, I just found out that I’m free on the 28th and 29th. The 29th would be better for me though.

Amanda, that’s a bit of a bargain on the bus! It will probably cost me about that much to get there and it’s only an hour on the train!

amanda if u get that price i will probably come with you, but what date is that for because the 28th is the south west uni meet


Check your diary, SWUM is the 21st


I’ll have to check dates but im deff interested, might be able to get a trials biking friend of mine who’s been getting in to uni the last few months to come too.

who is he dave? as I might have met him before, as I’m really a biketrials rider at heart :p. Would be interesting to talk to someone who’s gone down the same road as me. :roll_eyes:

anyway, keep em coming.