London Uni Meet October 2006

I’ve put together the video footage from the UK London Uni Meet – 29th October 06

See the original thread here.

The video is really just a complication of clips taken throughout the day but it does give a feel for how the day went and includes some good riding amongst plenty of bails.

Hope you enjoy…

A number of versions & formats available. The xvid version hosted on the site is the best quality / size.

Small | 38 meg | xvid | 352x288 | 6 mins

(The link should be a direct download link)

If you require a codec to view the xvid encoded videos then you can download it here.

These Windows Media Format videos are hosted on my site so you should be able to do a ‘right click – save as’ on the links and download them directly.

Big | 65 meg | wmv | 720x576 | 6 mins
Small | 23 meg | wmv | 320x240 | 6 mins

really liked that norr, u filmed loads thanks alot for doing that its great for memories so yh wkd, and i really liked your editing style i think the uuu should hire you to make videos of all the english events, u n gk i liked his of the south west one too.

cheers m8


The music really set it off aswell! You really get a feel for how friendly the London meet is!

I hope there will be another one in the spring!

Thanks Norry!

Rock on!

Sweet video, man!

Once again, your editing is “best o’ gear”.

The video does really convey a good time being had by all.

I spied the german dude who came over for it, but who was the guy with headphones on all the time wearing a green and yellow top?

I thought about coming down for the last one but it was too short notice for me, but if another comes up I’ll see what can be arranged.


very nice video, music went nice

shows how good the london meet was

Cool movie.
Wanted to be there.


Nice. Really glad you put it up here. I really enjoyed it. Looking forward to the next one!



im on dial up and it was on like 98% (after 3 hours) and my computer buggerd up and i hav to start again!!! :astonished:


il have to try again tomorrow :frowning:

Cool video!

What kind of frame did the guy w/ the white or siver uni at 49-53 seconds have? Was it custom? Never seen one like that before.

Nice! there were some huge hops in there. Cool flip tricks too.

Thats the Koxx XTP frame.

Is that Joe Hodges? I am pretty certain from how he was jumping, and how he has his arm out when he does his gaps.

If you mean the guy in the green and yellow top who never stands still, yes, thats Joe Hodges!

Rock on!

Heheh, knew it. =p

Yea, it is haha. He 180’ed over that bench at 24 seconds. Shame it wasn’t caught on camera. Also, shame he had to go home really early, he snapped a CrMo seat post and no one had a spare.


Cheers Lucas, next time however i plan to do more riding :slight_smile: After watching you guys on the 20’s I’m so desperate to get mine back i’ve resulted to putting up wanted posters in the local shops!

Yeah I came away from my first Uni meet thinking how chilled the whole day had been and tried to put that feel in the video.

Nice one Tom, I’ve also enjoyed your muni riding videos etc in the past.

I was lucky enough to borrow a mini DV cam for the day, it really helps. My camera does good quality videos but i only get 16 mins worth on 2 gig cards and no zoom while filming. The 6 mins here was cut from 55 mins!

GK I was looking forward to meeting you, hopefully another time at some Uni meet.

Cheers I was a bit worried about the music. Music taste is so personal.

May I suggest if the server allows it can resume downloads which is very helpful with dialup etc.


nice video, im proud do be the first person in it even if i did drop my juggling balls!

had a really great day, hope theres another one,

quote of the day : me and swarbrim unicycling along back to the millennium eye,

mike: so why would you go to a fetish club?
me: becuause i like fetish things mike
mike: ah riiiiiiight!

makes me laugh every time i think about it:D

thx mike

Hah! Good one Thomas Banks :stuck_out_tongue:

Thats right, I went there, called you your real name :sunglasses:


buuuuuuuut im the SECOND person who juggled!!


ooh i can almost do 5!!

and youre amazing btw ‘bungle’! :astonished:

is it possible to get it on youtube…because i cant download it…it just…um…buggers up…i dont know lol

i REALLLY want to watch it!!! :(:(:frowning:

I’ve put it on that vodpod site for you.