Leo V. at BBC

Last week Kris Kremo was in The Slammer with juggling,
tommorow (fri, 3 nov 2006) I will be in The Slammer with freestyle unicycling at a tight stage.
It will be at BBC1 at 16:55 CET.

I’m very curious to the end-result of the only 2:30" long item. As 150 seconds is pretty short, and the BBC was very cooperative and into making quality, we recorded it in a nice way that editing would be pssible for them. And so I’ve used more studio-time, and hopefully a it became flashy item.

If anyone can record it (especially to avi or mpeg) please do so!
I don’t have a VRC (not even a TV), plus I have another performance at that same time.

Hey Leo, will look out for that. Good to see someone doing something in the mainstream to promote our sport, personally I think you’re a legend and I support most of what you are suggesting e.g. a change to the IUF etc.
I’ll try and record it onto DVD but I’m unsure how easy it would be to get that onto the computer.


Cool, I thought it would be a longer wait between filming and the programme being broadcast. I’ll try to record it too!

I’ll look forward to seeing that. I can’t record it though.

sweet…im gonna watch it definatly

unicycling is definatly getting BIGGER


This is what tvtv.co.uk says about this episode

I’ve never seen the programme before but I’ve set Sky+ to record it :smiley:

I can record it on to my computer in mpeg for you, trouble is if i record the whole show it will be enormous (~900mb for half an hour) I’ll try and be in so i can record just your section.

EDIT: The BBC doesn’t have anything in its listings about this show, have I misunderstood somehow?

Wow, thanks for the compliment. Maybe you can simply copy the DVD?
Otherwise I can give you a FTP login so you can upload the huge file (which will may hours, but hopefully you have broadband).

Yes me to, I rather would have announced it some more in advance. So more unicyclist would have been prepared.

Although it was in a art-alike setting, I made sure -with above goal in mind- I had no circus-alike costume or music but my “trademark” costume and simply The Prodigy or Chemical Brothers.
I’m sure the UK will get at least 1 new unicyclist: man, 1 of these kids was looking to me totally stunned (and amazed) like if I was a ghost. I bet we’ll meet that guy on a unicycle-convention within 10 years!

Thanks. The 1st episode had 1 million viewings(!). They had a lot of positive reviews, and so they expect this one to have about 2.500.000 viewers(!!!). So yes, shame there was no space to mention the UUU. They may get there anyway. I have’nt been performing for such an excited crowd much often before. So luckaly for you the screaming will be sound-processed once you see it. But they were enthousiast!

Please do so. Having it digital on the fly would be nice. They already promised me a DVD (and BBC keeps promises much better than any other TV channel I’ve ever worked with). But I don’t know wether that will be in the undesired .vob or the preferable edit’able .avi format. So better be save than sorry. Unfortunly I don’t know the order of performing. I was’nt 1st or last, so must have been 2nd or 3th. Still; while cutting they could have made any order they want. Also I think it may be repeated on other BBC channels and even on other broadcasters later this weekend and following week. But I have no idea when/where exactly.

I also noticed that to!
But today they e-mailed me and told me it was tommorow.
(just like http://www.tvtv.co.uk/ sais).

Everyone who’s standby recording: thanks! And everybody else just watching thanks to.
I’m looking forward for your responses, feedback and critics.
Although I’m curious about the end-result myself to, I think I may promise you wont be disapointed. But we’ll see tommorow.

It’s actually on CBBC not BBC1. I think tvtv has possibly got a bit mixed up but my Sky+ is set to record that episode of The Slammer anyway.

Leo: I can transcode to any format and upload :slight_smile:

All the other episode were on BBC1, and Dutch TV pages also say it’s on BBC1 on 16:55 (as times are displayed on that page as CET+1).
But CBBC sounds as a safe choise anyway.

Very appreciated!

My electonic guide on Freeview says it is CBBC, Radio Times website say BBC1. Fortunately my PVR can record two things at once :slight_smile:

Apparently my kids watch it, but they are always switching between CBBC & BBC1 so that doesn’t help.

My PVR guids says it;s on CBBC today, and specifically mentions leo the unicyclist, i’ve set it to record. I have a 100mb/s connection so i can upload it to an ftp no problem.

CBBC is BBC1, its just the childrens tv timeslot i think. my tv pages say in the BBC1 column that from 3.25 to 5.35 it is CBBC, and in this it shows The Slammer. Will definately try to watch it!

actually its a pity i missed the juggling act :frowning:
well i see it in the guide and am looking forward to it…what kind of stuff will you be doing btw??


good job dude!

i saw you tried to go backwards on the stand up wheel walk thingy but bailed, it didnt look like you bailed at all which is good :smiley:

I recorded a couple of programmes last month after it was announced on rec.juggling that Kris Kremo would be on (as mentioned by Leo). It’s quite an enjoyable show.

You should be able to find the Kris Kremo clip at http://www.lpbk.net/jugglemirror/The_Slammer-Kris_Kremo.avi

Wow that was amazing, you’ve got some seriusly tight style. Let me know if you want me to send it somehow, the total recording is 1.02Gb.

I was in the kitchen cooking tea when I turned the TV on and caught the last 20 seconds of your act.
I think it was outrageous that McFly had a better score than you.
All they did was jump around and sing!
Youngsters today just do not recognise talent when they see it.

Yes but hardly surprising given music industry publicity machine. My kids (7&9), who were confused why I had recorded the program until Leo appeared, asked if McFly were miming. I’ve trained them well :smiley: (I have no idea if they actually sang as I hit the fast forward for their section).

It was an interesting program and a good way to get kids watching variety acts in prime time kids TV. Obviously we didn’t agree with the scoring :smiley: also great to see the balloon routine again, I’ve seen it live, outdoors, at a Christmas Fete last year on a very cold day…

Even though I knew the result (Leo told us at Lunis) I kept the suspense for the kids.


Tonight was a typical night in my local pub, and I was talking to an elderly couple. They said “we saw TV this eveing and though of you…” so I guessed exactly what they were talking about!

They asked the obvious question if I knew you, expecting me to say no, there are so many uincyclists about, but I had to say that I was playing hockey with you a couple of hours after filming and was chatting on the tube on the way home!

So, thanks to you, I’m even more of a minor-celebrity in my local :slight_smile:


(Oh, and they were gutted you was beaten by McFly too, although thought the balloon guy was really good as well)