Leo V. at BBC

Ah the analogue digital divide. BBC1 analogue does indeed change to showing CBBC at certain times and BBC1 digital has a separate schedule. Not having young kids anymore children’s TV doesn’t get a lot of play in our house so you learn something new everyday.

Anyway I recorded it from the CBBC digital channel and it was a very good programme with a nice, if short, performance from Leo, well done. It was inevitable (should I say rigged) that McFly would win, despite being the worst IMO.

You could try and cut it down;)

I wish i knew how.

Virtualdub is great for basic video editing but if you want something simple try Super.

I’ve uploaded a quick edit of just the bits with Leo in, including the after show commentary (with Basil Brush). It’s 3:40 mins long

I’ve put them on Megaupload for the time being.

Big - 28.2 MB - 720 x 408 - http://www.megaupload.com/?d=EAQO5FG8
Small – 7.3 MB - 320 x 176 – http://www.megaupload.com/?d=THU22AJ1

If there’s demand I could do the whole show.

Thanks for recording the show, and sending it to me.
I’ve made a compilation of it in flash, MediaPlayer and RealPlayer

Thanks for the compliments. I’ve actually did a couple of bails more…
If I would have more space and time I would do all transitions where possible.
It was tight, only 7.5 meters. So after the handride you can even see me hit the fence-thing.
Doing stand-up ww bw with only 5 m stage behind you… makes you insecure when you realize the camera-lens contains 2.5 million pair of eyes. Then I’ve even been coasting (in a circle) on the edges of that too tight stage, while the stage was also just a very little unlevel. One of the break dancers even slided off the stage (and made some lights come off), same “damage” I caused during my swop between the Semcycle Pro and Semcyce XL freestyle.

After seeing it myself I’m a bit surprised. After editing the item became exactly on the second 2.30" like they wanted in advance. But they’ve only used half of the 14 skills I did. So despite being a program for children they made it not too rushed.
That also confirms my opinion that for standard 18 skills executed within 3 minutes (on a floor twice as big) is not attractive to watch.
Anyway I’m happy with the result, a nice clip with live audience (and their honest opinions).

I’ve not been able to post since Friday, so a belated ‘nice one’ to you Leo! The handride in particular looked really good, I’ve never seen anyone do that before.

I think the programme would have been vastly improved by cutting down the amount of time spent setting the scene at the beginning. It seemed like forever before the acts even came on.

It’s a shame that McFly won, it seemed a bit strange that they were on there at all as they were nothing like the other acts. I loved the balloon guy’s act, very original and very polished. I saw him on the Charlotte Church chatshow a few weeks ago and it was just as funny second time round.

I recon you should of won:) because mc fly suck :angry:

One thing that made me giggle was a moment when you dismounted and swung the unicycle around while walking backwards to the middle again - the unicycle appeared to come uncomfortably close to an audience member’s face. :astonished: :smiley:

I was totally in control, and aware of how tight things were. The kid, who faced a unicycle coming in his direction on high speed, wasn’t that sure like as I was. In the next shot you’ll see him a bit shocked opposit to everyone around. But; if you look well it turned out to be the same boy who had the final say in the responses. So it made me happy to see his response, and found out that he was OK.

When the Slammer is on TV

Actually The Slammer is on both BBC1 fridays at 4.55pm and CBBC later.

My son is “Gilbert” the goveror’s nephew, and has actually done some Unicylcling himself but he juggles better.


Just received an e-mail:

At http://www.bafta.org/awards/childrens/nominations/ it’s listed next to Shaun the Sheep (from Aardvark productions, the makers of Wallis & Gromit), who did not even won a price!