unicycling on tv

damn you many channeled people.
Go out and live!

although i dont live much, i am generally here…

i rarely ever watch TV, only the odd thing on discovery channel.

me too

unicyclist dot com, its a way of life

Edit: Fixed

it is.

hmmm… thread jacked.
whoops, but in my defence it was on a long road to somewhere that doesnt exist.

i agree.

I think your Question is one of the main reasons why we start with unicycle.tv :smiley:
Unfortunatly the most TV Stations that make some short documentation about Unicycling are not allow to stream their clips after sending them.

Here in Germany are maybe 5 times 5 minutes of unicycling in TV or Radio each year. Eurosport did one Clip on their Homepage but not in TV :frowning:

ive seen a half hour show on A1 of Kris HOlm and Nathan Hoover riding down some mountain. its the one how kris holm headplanted and broke his helmet

Every once in a while I see some muni on X-treme, but only video clips, no discusion of the sport.

I recently was on the BBC. Here is a compilation. I wont be surprised that show will have another unicyclist. Either way; the show has high quality variety artists.

Also I was on the weather report of SBS (a channel in Europe). I will get that program later.

But for you America’s Got Talent will be interresting. They will have multiple unicyclists in their show. Dunno I can disclose names yet, but not the least names are planned.

awesome how long did it take you to poor coffee out of your head like that?

Untill I was able to do it. :slight_smile:

No serious; untill I started to use hot liquids, then suddenly I did things much better.

Asking me that questions reminds me I’m proposed at 2 of the most popular shows in the US for in this season. During negociation I don’t disclose much, but keep reading RSU for any anouncement.

that happens to me alot where I only do well on my tests if the steaks are higher. :slight_smile:

Adam Savage was idling and riding a giraffe unicycle at the end of “View Pick Special 2” episode 99 first aired on Feb 13, 2008. It was at the very very end of the show as he was making a pitch for more viewer suggestions.

The episode airs again on the 14th, 16th, and 17th. Anyone want to try to record it and get a screen capture or a short video capture?

And just for fun, here’s a screen capture of Adam on a unicycle from a previous episode.


I saw that last night too. They only showed him from above the waist as he was pitching the show. I was thinking…“wow…he’s idling on a unicycle.” the movements are unmistakable, sure enough…he rides off on a giraffe, as the shot widens.

the thread title made me think of this:


I can watch it on Sunday but I have no way to record it (except VCR), sorry guys. I’ll try and take a picture with my camera but I don’t know if it will work.

EDIT:I might get it on iTunes (what is a good screen capture program?) but it isn’t up there yet (they only have up to episode 98).

ok guys, I have a screen capture program that works (and is OS) so as soon as iTunes has the vid, I will post it.

Haha, I saw that just a few minutes ago. We have it recorded on our DVR and just now watched it. It was pretty funny.

Looked like a Torker TX.

Well, I was on the news a few days ago… if that counts :stuck_out_tongue: (less than a second!)