Largest Set Ever.

My biggest is a long 8 set. Going up is a 4 set. Gonna hit a 5 soon. I like jumping up then jumping down.

Hey, are you guys just going to count steps and never measure them? They don’t all come in the same size, you know.

The 7 set I did in an older geezer vid were unusually long steps! They measured 13" each, whereas most concrete stair sets have steps about 10" long. So that 7 set was much closer to an average 8 set or more. And the steps were also lower, making for less airtime; that is to say, the higher the steps, the longer I can stay airborne on the way down!:smiley:

Why would we do that? This way, we can jump a 20-set of 1" stairs and talk about how badass we are. :sunglasses:

Welcome to marketing/advertising school! You’ve just passed the first lesson!

My biggest is seven…but I’m sure if I can find a decent sized eight set I could land that too.

hahah. true that.

can you give me directions?

hop across the pond and I’ll show you some :stuck_out_tongue:

The 8 will have to wait. I broke my seat base trying to jump it today.

Damn. What do you ride?

DX with a nimbus II frame, but it’s just a stock DX seat, with the foam cut down. I ordered a KH fusion street when I got home.

justin kohse does a 13 in the trailer for evo.

i dont know if he lands it though.

I may be completly and uterly awsome, but I don’t think I can roll hop from country to country! :astonished: I’m not realy awsome, so its even more imposoble.

well my biggest is a 5 set sidehopping down the lot, but ive never actually rolling hopped down any stair set.

13 is pretty insane!

You need to get on it, then. 'Tis great fun! :smiley:

Im not the biggest fan of doing huge sets from a bad history, but I like doing tricks down a good 3-5 set. I have done static hops down 7-8 sets but I think the biggest I have done was just a fat 8 when I was ridin with Spencer, stairs are more fun with tricks, like crankfliping up them :smiley: im still at 3 lol

i did a few 9 sets the one in my latest video was the biggest 9 set ive done…as in distance the other ones ive done were steeper…

I have no sets at my house to jump, exept for a one set, so I stink at jumping sets, but at the hotel Im staying at they had a seven, but since I couldnt rolling hop it, I static the 6 set, and Im going to do the 7 tomarrow.
But I’ve hit 8 rolling.

Hugo Duguay does a 10 set in “Loading In Progress”