Largest Set Ever.

You guys talk about stairsets as if there all the same. There are tons of different types of stairs, from the steep tall ones, to the short stretched out ones. I think the only way we could all compare stair sets is to measure the distance and height.

I mean I’ve done a 6 set but thats all so far. Can’t really find anything between like a 6-7 to a 10-12. It would be so awesome if I could find an 8 set! :roll_eyes:

Didn’t Skrobo do an 10 or 11 set in his vid, Boing?

Into sand, yes.

He recently said he did a 12-set to concrete. No video yet, but I believe him. He is pretty crazy.

biggest landed is a 13, i think 2 people have done it. i want to find a reasonable one to do. the ones i have found have insanely tall steps and have a massive 8-10foot drop(no), are too flat, or have no run up.
for those of you wanting to do bigger sets, you have to work your way up you you are going to hurt yourself really bad. i have never had a bad UPD from a big stairset, but i worked my way up. i have had TONS of UPDS that i was able to run out and one i rolled out of.

also, if i havn’t jumped a stairset in a while that is 8 or bigger i go for a few runs on a 5-7set before i attempt it.

oh, and i don’t land perfectly straight either, it looks just as good, and it makes it a ton easier landing, but one thing you do need to worry about, don’t land too sideways… or bye bye rim i bent the stock 05 dx rim whatever that is and the nimbus rim

Whenever I’ve missed a landing doing a stair set, i’ve always bailed forward, and never fallen backward, which can mess you up if you hit your back on a concrete stair! I think because with all the forward momentum during the stair jump, you’re just naturally going to bail in the same direction that you’re jumping. And because I wear a full compliment of armor including wrist guards, even the worst UPD on a stair set that caused me to literally fly forward and flat onto the hard ground, never resulted in so much as a scratch…knock wood!:stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, that one 10 set…the length was the same as the height, about 10" but the problem was that the run up had only places to do 2 revolutions. First time I tried it, the back of my wheel hitted the last stair, then tried it again and got it…

But I prefer much more doing tricks down sets (3 to 6…even if I’ll try a 360 9 stairs soon…). It’s less hard on equipments and yourself. Jumping down big sets is stupid…I’m quiting :stuck_out_tongue: Anyways, there’s no more stairs set higher then 10 left here…

I also like jumping up them…I’m at 5 (real) stairs right now, but I don’t think it’s physically possible to jump higher then 5, except if the stairs are really low…Except Xav, did anyone else rolled up (or side hopped) a 6 ?


I’m the thread killer !!!

Just a little add…

I’m pretty sure Shaun mentioned he did a shifty 11 set and I guess Kelly H. tried the 11 set normally before trying to flip it…I hope…

Oh I’d also like to know what is the biggest stairs set someone 180 double flipped…my guess is Kelly Hickman, 4 but not sure…


I think 4 is for hick doubles, I dont know about 180 doubles though.

Nope. I talked to him when I rode with him after the video came out. He said it never crossed his mind to just jump it. He also said he thinks jumping sets is scarier than flipping them. I think he’s insane.:smiley:

Well it is :wink:


kelly, you are weird, but shiftys are easy. i do them over everything. i usually do a shifty tire grab when i do a stairset, it gives me something to do while im in the air.

actually, if you have something to do in the air it makes it a ton easier cuz you concentrate on that instead of flying 8 feet off the ground.