Largest Set Ever.

Whats the largest set (stair jump)on video? I know of a 10 set, do they get any bigger? couldnt find anything. Thanks.

I do a full 8 set in my next video! Caption is, “Eight is enough”


what is that picture for? I’m confused…

I figured some would be too young to get that. There was a HUGELY popular show in the 1970’s called, “Eight is enough”, so that’s why I used the caption. Most ppl 30+ remember that show, even though I HATED it haha!

I’m sorry, I’m only 16.

Haha, don’t be sorry! I wish I was only 16!

I think its in the 12-13 range but im not fo sure…Thats landing it. Im not sure how big people have attempted.


If that’s the title of the show, why are there ten people in that picture?

i attempted a 10 set don’t know what’s the largest…

i was just attempting a 9 foot gap, I hit 8 1/2 on the ground, so I thought I could do it, just picked up more speed, but I was leaning to far forward when I jumped, Hit the concrete with my wheel, then I fell over and slid on the the concrete an extra 3 feet, all scraped up, cant feel my hand…gunna try it agian tomarrow. Yea why are there 10 people?

I did a 3 set 5 times…

(Gosh… don’t you hate when people post stupid things that don’t add to the thread at all…)

Anyway… Skrobo has a video where he does an 11 set I think… He landed in sand tho… so I don’t think he rode away…

I’m old and scared… It won’t be me who has the biggest set ever… :slight_smile: Well, at least not on purpose…


There were 8 kids and 2 parents… that made 10 people… but eight was enough kids…


Haha, the Parents don’t count. it means, “Eight [kids] are enough”.

Don’t worry, keld. Highest I’ve done is a 4-set and I just barely made it.

I’m sorry. :smiley:

No need to apologize. I understand that it’s your fault, but we can work through this. :astonished:

I just… I just am sorry. Go find some stairs! :sunglasses:

There’s this one 5-set at this one place we sometimes ride, I’ve committed myself to trying it next time we go.

My biggest is a 7. Hopefully it’ll be 8 soon.

my best is a 5 or six set , im not sure