LA roundup and Six flag representative

For those who are going to the LA roundup, Six flags is gonna send someone out to tell about job opportunities for other unicyclists, so if your near 6 flags and want to ride around the park and get paid for it then go to the round up on the 3rd. The people are actually really nice in the park, there are plenty of stairs that they go crazy when you ride down or hop up them. The planters and rocks make some great trials that the geusts love to watch you jump on and the gliding opportunities are endless!!! Only prob I had is some of the people who just love to singe the circus song when you ride past AARRRGG!! But you get alot of those wheres the other wheel comment, in one day riding there youl get as many positive, odd, tricycle, and negative comments you would in a week, but if your nice outgoing then everyone else reacts to that and you have a great time. You dont have to be a professional unicyclist or anything to do this job, the last unicylcist Massa, her trick was riding the unicycle, but people still loved it and had a blast watching her cruise around, So muni riders, street riders. trials riders, and those who are just learning, if you can ride controlably and freemount then your qualified in skill, they are really looking for nice outgoing people who will be helpful and interact with Geusts…So if you guys want to get paid jsut to ride around, then go to the roundup. If I missed anything out or any questions, then post and ask…

Is this only for the Six Flags near LA, or is it in other states too (IL)?

man, i wish i lived there…get paid to ride all day. man…
also it would help me get over my little fear of riding in front of people…im not really afraid of it, i just never do as good when i know people are watching me.

You know im not one hundred percent on that one. Il ask my department manager and see…Or you can get a hold of the six flags in your area and ask them if they are interested in hiring unicyclist ambassadors…

Mark Wenzel (the guy that first emailed us about the job) told me on the phone that the new fad in the theme parks is guest interaction. So now they have unicyclists, jugglers and weird people walking around the park entertaining people, its a really cool job:)

In general if any on wants to work there you just have to have alot of control on the uni incase they make you ride from the end of a packed line through everyone to the other end. You can ask cody how much fun that is :wink:

So, what things have you had to do with the whole guest interaction thing?

If you can, see if there doing this at Six Flags Great America.

They want us to talk to people. Our manager said that he wants us to use the uni as a tool to start a conversation with people. Me and Cody both think that they would be way more entertained watching someone do tricks than talking to someone who is on a uni. When I think of fun things to do I don’t think about talking to people. I mean interaction with the people is good but they will be alot more interested and more willing to talk if you are doing cool things that they are interested in.

If I can I will ask for you Jeff, I haven’t started working yet so I haven’t talked to the entertainment people in a while.

Having been a professional Ventriloquist on TV, cruise ships, comedy clubs,etc, I wonder if they’d hire me to do “walk-arounds” and interact with the crowd!? I used to do that sort of thing when I was hired to do private parties and stuff…I just basically “improvised” conversation with the crowd using my “little buddy”, affectionately named, “Jack Squat”. :smiley:

Step one: Realize that a park that spends $20 million on a single roller coaster has done their homework. They know what works, and they’re trying to tell you. I’ll come back to this.

I had a short conversation the other day with a very new-looking strolling juggler at Six Flags Marine World (Vallejo). He looked to be easily still in his first few days on the job. Actually, the same was true of almost everyone I paid attention to, especially behind the counters at the food places. Lame-o!

But anyway, I noticed this juggler, off juggling to himself in a corner while 1000+ people waited to buy their tickets. He was juggling, but not interacting. Boring. Then I saw him again inside the park, juggling and talking to a group of girls who appeard to be there as part of a band or something. They were making requests and he was showing them stuff. Much more interesting to watch, especially if you’re one of those girls.

So after that, I asked if this was his first juggling job (that was obvious to me but he wouldn’t know). He said yes. I told him (without knowing what his official instructions were) to work up little mini-shows, so he’d have a beginning, middle and end to do quickly for any group of people that’s watching. Then talk to the people and get them involved. I told him the hours would pass a lot quicker once he’d gotten some of that worked out.

Walkaround entertaining can be really boring. And if you don’t do it right, you aren’t leaving a positive impression on your audience, which might see you as someone in their way rather than someone entertaining them. The people who hire you will be aware of this. But as soon as you start interacting with the people and maybe drawing some of them into your little shows it gets a lot more interesting. If I have an attentive audience that wants to watch me I can go all day. But if I’m just riding around and doing tricks without engaging anyone, the time drags like crazy. I know this from my own experience at parties, festivals and other big events.

So it’s not that they want you to stand with a unicycle and talk to people. People will see you ride. But if you only ride, you won’t hold most peoples’ attention for more than a minute or two. Treat them like an interactive audience, and before you know it you’ll have a big crowd around you and a full-on show environment. They actually probably don’t want big crowds around you, as these can block theme park traffic. But small audiences, who get to watch someone do cool skills and then get to talk to them, are probably just what they’re looking for.

BTW, aside from meeting lots of girls, this can also be a great way to spread unicycling. After people are impressed you can mention that anyone can learn this and it’s really fun.

Wow, sounds like a fancy deal :stuck_out_tongue:
How often will you guys do this?

To Forrest I only do it on the weekends so its pretty fun for me and I get to crash at Spencers house, its pretty fun down there! And to John, Yeah I know what you mean, the first day I was just riding around doing my own thing, 180 down stairs all my big tricks just draining my energy for few people too watch. Toward the end of the day I was starting to talk to the crouds and do tricks that progressed from simple tricks in the beggining to more difficult tricks toward the end. People love when you go down stairs though, especially the way I do them(Moab) But then you get some who jsut want to see some street, thats when I accedentally get the larger crouds
:smiley: …Its great to once in a while do a street run for groups of geusts instead of jsut riding around doing lil tricks and joking with the geusts, its fun and fun for them, but someitmes you just gotta trick it out!

for the most crowds and tips, do street porformer stuff, and juggling and lighting yourself on fire.

I think Il pass on the fire part…But throwing lil people…

you litterally have a dream job


I will do it more often than Cody because I am 10 minutes away and he is 75(?) miles away.

Oh, and John, I get what you are saying too. I guess I will just have to find a balance between tricks and talking. Doing tricks and cool lines is a good conversation starter:) They asked us at the audition if we could hop up the planters and ride across them and stuff so they aren’t just expecting talking and normal riding.

Yeah im about 80 miles away, Spencer is just around the corner. But yeah they actually asked us to jump on the fontains :-D! People love that they also love seeing you eat crap down a flieght of stairs I got a tip for doing that lol!

Grr! I would give anything!, well, not anything, but I would give something to have that type of job! Closest I got is riding at the renaissance fair, but all they want you to do is ride and juggle. =(

Boss: “I need to talk to you!”
You: “What is it?”
Boss: “See that fountain over there?”
You: “Yeah, what about it?”
Boss: “Think you can jump onto it?”

Lucky! lol

Lol kinda like that…
see those stairs…

hmm… do you think they would let me do it for a few days?
…if they do it @ sixflags fiesta texas
i want to try it for a few days, but i would get bored after that
and unicycling might become a chore :confused:

Heh, it doesnt work like that. You have to go through a bunch of stuff before you can even start working and I really doubt they would hire you know it was only for a couple days.
I dont even know if other 6 flags are doing it, you should ask and find out.