LA roundup and Six flag representative

i just went there last weekend and saw them riding past me, i wa smad that i cant do that, i live like an hour and a half away, which i wouldnt care, but i have no ride. im pissed

Lol what color shirt was the rider wearing?

Ha, you should have said something to them! Like… "were’s your other wheel? Can I try that ‘thing’? "

Then you hop on and ride away… I did that once to another unicyclist, it was really funny.

Someone did that to me Saturday! But I could tell he could ride, mearly cause he wasnt abnoxius ;)…Im not too much supposed to let people ride my uni incase something were to happen, but if I ever let them try im right next to them so I can catch them, if not there are a few people holding them up…

DANGIT!!! Well Coorparate scraped the project…This is my last weekend there, but they are gonna try and redo the project without coorparate and itl be like only the Six flags Valencia, sooooo there wont be anyone at the Trials comp June 3rd…Sry guys…

I was at Great America yesterday (AP Physics field trip) and I saw someone riding a unicycle. He wasn’t very good, and I don’t say that to be mean, but he was just riding the uni around, not really doing any tricks or anything.

So I’m sure they are probably hiring unicyclists since I saw one there.

I also saw Wonder Woman.

Read Cody’s post above yours. They are getting rid of all the uniers. I haven’t even started yet…

You might be able to get in contact with your 6 flags near you and ask if they want to hire you…The one out here is trying to make a new project to hire unciyclists…Il try to keep you guys updated…Im really sorry to anyone who gave there hopes up to tryin out for it, I know how you feel, I recently lost my job :wink:

You should try Fairs. I’m getting what ends up to about $100 an hour for 6 hours, in 4 days at the MT State Fair. Partly doing trials demos type things, and partly as a “walk around” kind of thing.

(I assume they have fairs everywere else…)

Wow man, thats pretty cool Forrest, allthough I dont know if Id be able to do Demos without another rider or something…I rode with ya at Moab, you were pretty good…

the theme park near me wanst jesters with basic 3 ball jugling skills and unicycling skills

soooo thast like me in my town

That’s too bad about Six Flags shutting down the interactive entertainment thing. They probably did it for one of two reasons:

  1. Liability: They appear to be hiring people with little or no entertainment experience, which means people who may not be aware of the possible dangers to park guests from their props – especially unicycles. So the corporate lawyers noticed metal pinned pedals flying around, or various types of juggling props being dropped and bouncing around, and put a stop to it.

  2. Not enough return on their investment: This would be the case if they’re polling park guests to see what they think of the strolling entertainers. This is kind of unfair though. If you’re going to hire 100% green performers (like the guy I saw at Marine World), there’s going to be a learning curve before they get good at the job. Especially if nobody offers them any guidance. This would be Six Flags’ mistake, for (probably) paying too little, and expecting too much from entertainers who haven’t learned how to entertain yet.

I bet Cody was one of the better ones; surely he’s the one I’d most want to watch. I hope Magic Mountain is able to keep the program going! And I hope to get there sometime this season, to finally ride that X coaster, which was broken last time we were there…


Lol yeah many people thought I was the worlds best unicyclist, it was pretty funny. But I geuss if I see my Supervisor on the field il stick to freestyle and basic trials stuff taht “looks” safe. But a good part about the ambassadors is we take pics fothe people who need someone to hold the camera so tehy are all in, and for help finding your way around…and we also entertain…so hopefully they get it abck up and running…

X is my favorite ride there:) I haven’t ridden tatsu yet because I don’t have an extra 6 hours to wait in a line :roll_eyes:

Ive never riding the X ride, but I have a bad experience with the line :wink: Spence knows what im talkign about :smiley:

Heh, the line isn’t that bad when you aren’t riding through it on a uni:)

Mark made me man, and those people got PISSED! some were laughing but most were just confused…

Hey if you’re not going to tell us we’ll just have to imagine the wrong stuff. I think it would be funny for you to work your way up a line very slowly, saying “Excuse me, pardon me, thank you” and they don’t see the unicycle until you’re passing through them. A snappy comeback from people in the line could be “Hey, you people with disabilities don’t have to wait in this line!”

You mentioned people thinking you were the best in the world. This is the great part about jobs like that. People get to see “real” unicycling. Most people hardly ever see any unicycling other than really, really basic stuff. If they see you it puts a different image in their minds of what unicycling is all about. Ambassador indeed!