Krisz shred

Check out our first video with Krisz. :wink:
(btw he won street on FLUCK…)


Very cool!!! I love this guy! :smiley:

Very nice indeed.

That video was like the best ever exept 1thing,that like every trick was wrote!!! soo annoying
Still the riding was sick,the Quality was good, and editing was amazing!
Keep it up

sweet video! the only problem i had with it, is aparntly you live in a city without color. haha… interesting effect though! and intense riding. the riding as of late has become so intense, everyone is landing hicks and doubles it’s crazy!

Effin awsome, some of the graf wold have been nice in color. As for the trick names, I dont mind that so much except those little tape tags are had to read and watch the trick at the same time. GREAT VIDEO! A+

holy…cow…who…was…that?…old…is…he…almost as good as shaun! :astonished:

hmm I think he just beat shaun…:stuck_out_tongue:

Good video, good rider but…

why did he flip off those people, they were just walking, he was the one that was at fault by almost running into them. It wasn’t their fault.


That was so awesome, most entertaining vid of that style riding I have seen. Filming and editing were really good.

That was really awesome. I loved the 6set trey, and everything else. Well done.

What software did you use?
And where did you get that “tape font” :thinking:

sick editing, amazing riding, trey down a 6 so nice!

no, he didnt beat shaun, shaun takes the same tricks off of bigger sets. Though he was an amazing rider.

yes he did, shaun didnt make finals @ FLUCK in street, he won the street comp.

Quick note: Shut up about the street comp guys, not the place. PM about it.

Really liked it, Kris is boozy haha. Loved the editing and everything.

Another note, some of the trick names were wrong if I remember the vid right.


Here you can watch it online… :wink:

i dont think shaun put a lot of effort in the street comp.

that kris guy is so good, it was awesome to ride with him at fluck too.

Wow! That was amazing! :astonished:

Agreed they were minding their own business and he came up behind them.

Also I’m surprised he got almost no reaction from the guy he almost hit dropping into that walkway.

Just saw the vid again, wanted to say how much I liked it. Really great rider, and pretty consistant too.

About him swearing at the guy, don’t get het up. I doubt the guy saw, Kris is a nice bloke really.

Did you see Fabian Mark there? Ha, he was a great bloke too, really genuine niceness. I didn’t see anything of Benny though?

Great work again,