Kris Holm on Discovery Channel

The episode of “More Than Human” featuring Kris is on right now here on the east coast.

  • Frank

Did you tape it by any chance? And if you did, do you have a video capture card so you can digitize it and put it online?


I just saw that. That man is amazing. They scientifically proved that Kris has balance surpasses that of the average human by unbelievable amounts.

I’d be curious to run those tests on a selection of unicyclist, to prove that unicyclist drastically improves balance. With more publicity like that, unicycling would become more mainstream

It will get taped and it will get digitized by someone. I’ve got my VCR set and I’ll do the video capture if no one else does it. With luck someone has a DVR and can get the video file off their DVR.

“More Than Human” is on again later this evening and on Sunday afternoon. Maybe it will be repeated then.


I just got back from watching this as well. I think the ending line was along the lines of “Kris has the balance/reflex of a cat and is more than human.”

I have recorded and watched everyone since Kris announced this. I even saw it was comming on tonight and missed recording the first time it was on. I can’t believe I missed it. I have the 1 am show set to record. I have a DVR, but am a complete Video to computer moron. Maybe John_Childs can give me the cliff notes from Video Capture for Dummies. I may not have the equipement to do it yet, but that is probably just a purchase away.:smiley:

If there is a way to connect the DVR to the computer so that you can just transfer the video file then that would be the easy way. You completely bypass the video capture step since the DVR has already done that for you. However, if your DVR does not allow you to copy a video file to your computer then there is nothing gained and you’re left with the same options as someone who has a VCR.

I knew I could count one you John. I will look and see what type of connectors are on the back of the DVR.

Thanks Frank! I ran upstairs and caught the last minute of it, anyway.

i don’t have cable:(, so if anyone gets it going in digital please upload it in a mac friendly format (preferably mpeg, wmp files suck on my computer)

I emailed the Australian Discovery Channel people about a month ago and they never got back to me so I’d also really appreciate it if someone made it available for download.

Thanks in advance,

Just watched it! good show:D Much better than the ripleys believe it or not episode.

I’ll try to figure it out. If you do get the show “More Than Human” watch for the episode that has the safe cracker and man over Niagra Falls. The description on the guide didn’t mention Kris or Unicycling.

Dangit! I missed it. Kris must have been the first story because I saw the 2nd half of the show and he wasn’t on it. The dude who can open combination safes by feel is completely amazing!

For those in the U.S. the episode was titled “Why??? Why???” and it comes on again on Sunday at 1:00PM EST!!!

Thanks to Frank A’s notice I set the VCR for the 1:00 show and watched it this morning. It was the second segment, after Niagra.

Short but sweet as sensational TV goes. I don’t think my body can bend as far as Kris can lean!

Good work Kris. Any chance of getting a hold of all the out takes?

I took a look to confirm the re-broadcast of the program. The Discovery Channel allows for you to share your e-mail address and they will remind you, via e-mail, the morning of a broadcast.

Check it out yourself at:

The next broadcast of the episode will be 1:00 p.m., Eastern Time, Sunday, March 7th.


I liked it!

The segment is about 10 minutes long. Shows the trials set up and the balance tests.

Well done!


I guess I missed that one, but unfortunately caught a show called “What were they thinking?” Did anyone see that one? It had people doing crazy things and usually getting hurt. They showed Kris riding atop rails, the bridge railing, down mountain bike trails, jumping and one of a fall where he bent the wheel. They were NOT flattering even though he didn’t receive one injury. Equipment pays for itself. Anyway, the show did show some good footage, but were calling us crazy, if I interpret them correctly.

The episode is called “Why??? Why??”

But will it be on in the UK?