Check out this video that quantifies Kris Holm's balance

Before I saw this video I knew Kris is an amazing unicyclist, but I didn’t realize that his amazing ability to perform daring stunts is due to more than just practicing and a lot of experience.

Click here to watch the video of the quantifiers testing and recording Kris Holm’s balance. The video is 7 min 6 seconds long. You have to watch for 1 min 12 seconds before the quantifying begins.

thanks you so much for showing this. before i was involved with the sport, i remember seeing this on TV and saying “wow thats really neat”. than my friend started unicycling and i looked up stuff about it on the internet and i was hooked. ive been trying to find this but couldn’t remember where i saw it.

wow! thanks for sharing that

Very interesting, it would have been cool to see how his balance has changed and adapted over the years as he has progressed and how much increase in balance and stabilty unicyclists have because of doing the sport.

That was great, is this show on any more?

well that was cool

the subtitles are in Romanian: I am surprised by the fact I can read and understand them (the sound is switched off on my computer). Those latin languages do look like each other!

This was already posted a couple of months ago. And in 2004 when it originally aired.

The main thing I thnk is Kris started early, kept at it and never stoped challenging himself. When parts failed, luckily for us he did whatever he had to to find or make parts that would last.

Well, skilewis74, I wasn’t a user of this website until 1.5 weeks ago, so I didn’t know there were similar threads. I was just cruising through unicycle videos on and this is one of the videos I found.

Don’t feel criticized. It’s common for people here to be reminded to use the search feature to reduce the number of redundent threads. This is a good thing.

Of course it’s also good for old things to be recycled sometimes for people who didn’t catch them the first time around.

The gallery links in the 2004 thread no longer work. Here’s an updated link to the Monster gallery. It’s called the Monster gallery because the first video there was the commercial.

Sorry I didn’t notice you were a newb and prob didn’t know better. :roll_eyes:

On both points.