Kris Holm on Discovery Channel

Us? We weren’t in the segment. They were inferring that Kris is crazy. :slight_smile:

I can’t remember if it was that show, but one one of the TV shows that features Kris, it ends with a statement something like this: “All this by a man who has reached the top rung of his sport’s ladder. The question is where does that ladder lead, or what is it leaning against?”

Something like that.

John, that’s the one. Actually, the spot made him look very good, but the commentary did not.

Reading that it has been scientifically proven that Kris Holm has special, super-human balance and talents gives me a moment to reflect on mistakes that I made when I was a little kid – and an adult. As a kid I used to do really stupid stuff because I would emulate my heroes, like Superman, by putting on cape and trying to fly off the apex of our house. As a woke from an unconscious state (for real) I soon realized that I was emulating somebody that must have super powers – that I don’t have. Now my pathology is coming clear to me. No wonder I’m scared, bruised and eating ibuprofen like M&Ms! It has now been scientifically proven that I am not worthy to emulate my current super hero.

So… has anybody tested Ryan Atkins?

Looking for a new role model,

I can do it…

Well, I can easily capture it, and will do so after I tape it on the 7th.

Hope you can wait.


Jester’s my hero…

Re: I can do it…

no, I can’t wait!!! I wanna see it!

It’s kind of disappointing that it isn’t on the Discovery channel here in Canada.

Re: Re: I can do it…

I hope you have broadband. :slight_smile:

I just did a video capture of Kris’ segment in More Than Human. It’s in MPEG-1 format and 27.2 MB. It’s in my Monster gallery

I’ll encode the video in another bitrate and format sometime soon. Right now I’m in the process of encoding the entire 1 hour episode as a Video CD which will be about a 600 MB file.

I’ll try encoding Kris’ segment with Windows Media 9 to make a version that is smaller than the 27.2 MB MPEG file while still keeping the video quality at a descent level.

If you just watch Kris’ segment by itself without seeing the other More Than Human segments it’s going to look a bit silly. If you watch the entire episode their madness and show format makes a little more sense (but not much).

The idea of the show is that they find someone who can do something unusual or special. Then they analyze what it is that makes it possible for them to do what they do to determine if they are more than human. Other epsides have featured a knife thrower, a man who catches an arrow in mid air, a man who survived a plunch over Niagra Falls, etc.

Thanks John. I’m glad that I finally got to see that. I was about to watch it a few days ago when it was on TV, but then something came up and I had to leave. So glad you captured it.
That trials setup was nice! Did anyone ever pick it up?

Thank you, John Childs!

I just watched it, and now i want the balance of a cat too!

What time is it going to be on the 7th? ( central )

Has any one tried balancing on 1 foot with their eyes shut it gets pretty tuff. Do you think that would be a good training method for still stands?

Re: Re: Re: I can do it…

Even if it’s a 600 MB file, I’ll still download it - I’m interested in seeing the whole show. Thanks for the A/D conversion John! :slight_smile:

Re: Re: Re: I can do it…

I sure do. I’m looking forward to the 600MB download.

Thanks for doing that, John. I really appreciate it!

thanks JC!

Re: Re: Re: Re: I can do it…

I wasn’t planning on making the 600 MB Video CD format video available for download. It’s a rather big download and the Video CD format is a bit bloated (it’s 1150 kbits/sec CBR). Not the most efficient format for download.

I made the Video CD for myself and to give to Kris.

I’ll see what I can do by compressing with Windows Media 9. Then I’ll see if Gilby will be willing to host a file of that size.

Thank you so much John, you’re the best! :slight_smile: That was amazing!


awe some on someones gotta know what time its on here in the central standard time zone on sunday.

It was? Where is it available for download?